Wednesday, May 31, 2006


so today's the last day of may! wow. I can't believe tomorrow is june already.

I'm nowhere even NEAR ready to begin a new template for june. all I keep thinking about are the italian ices in our freezer downstairs cause it's hot as fresh shit outside. blah!

I have some 'corny' pictures to upload.... maybe I'll do that later. (we gave Rhena corn on the cob this weekend, and she just went bugnuts eating it. pure comedy, and of course.. because I'm biased... cute as hell.)

speaking of comedy--- Last comic standing started up again I see. I enjoy that show. I watched a good chunk of it last night in between being pissed off at different blogs that have been getting hate-posters. I just don't get it. if you read something you don't like on someone's blog... why do you have to make a point of telling that person how they offended you? I mean, I imagine there are some cases where any normal person would feel compelled to object to certain writings... but on the little shit that is just a person speaking their mind... what's the point?

it's almost as if let's say, I make a lot of comments about Mariah Carey being a sleezy fat buffet-raiding hoebag... if you don't agree with me, that's fabulous!!! if you think I'm being mean to the (overpaid bitchy slut of a whore) pop-star, and it makes me a bad person for doing so... what good is it for you to tell me to leave poor poor (outlandishly obnoxious behavior for someone who mostly sounds like a dolphin when she sings or a truck stop chain smoker when she speaks) Mariah alone? Hearing from some random person defending the civil rights of (which by the way when you go out in public dressed the way she does, it just screams for someone to make a comment) a person they don't even personally know just really fuels my fire to do it all the more.

or if someone wants to move somewhere... why does it become public debate?

I dunno. I don't mind when people disagree with me. in fact, most times I welcome the difference of opinions. but when those different opinions turn into mean words that lay blame and start claiming rights and wrongs.... I just have to wonder what good that does.

oh well. my thoughts are all over the place right now. Maybe I was just looking for a good way to sneak in some mariah-bashing, and I tried to guise it as some deep thought. I'm thinking so, cause once I got in my fair share of bashing, I kinda ran out of steam on whatever point I was trying to make.

and maybe that's the ticket, you know? if everyone just took a few minutes a day to rip on Mariah, there'd be less fighting? I know I sure feel better! well, except for still wanting the italian ice. best get on that before I keep typing more dribble.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Here we go again

... or should I say there HE goes again....

Troy is off for another few days. It is now 5:18am, and I just gave him a kiss goodbye as he's heading to the airport. (yes.. he's driving himself... there's no way rhena and I were going to become functional this early to drive him to the airport.)

He's off to miami to meet up with the boss from the new(old) job. Oh? didn't I tell you? yeah... he quit the new job that caused him to be gone 2 weeks, and is back at the old place. the good news is that he ended up getting a raise by coming back, and I got a shitload of household labor-type tasks done when he was gone.

I think he's hoping I'll mow the lawn again.... the 'timing' of these trips seems to be right on the money with when the green monster in the back needs to be tamed. just kidding, mom and dad.... he just mowed on friday, and will be back this thursday... I will NOT be mowing the lawn during this trip.

yesterday, or I guess I should say over the weekend, we had a nice memorial day. Sunday troy and I spent a good deal of time reflecting on all of the men and women who have served in our nation's military. We spoke of what a mind-fuck serving can be, and how depending on the time and branch that you serve, you may never be the same person again after leaving.

I'm thankful for the marine I married, and thankful for my Dad, who also did his time for Uncle Sam. I appreciate everyone through the years that have sacrificed either part or all of their lives so that I may sleep easy tonight as an American citizen. I also respect all of the families and loved ones that stood by their soldiers' decisions to serve. You know the saying that it takes a village, right? well... for all the brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends who selflessly chose to support their soldier instead of saying "no... don't do it" ... thank YOU also for helping make the wheel go round.

So yesterday, today, and everyday.... we here at the Fever say you are NOT forgotten. Past and present, and especially for the future... you are appreciated and respected. I know I sure as hell salute you. OOOOO-RAH!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I've got a secret!

ok.... so wanna know what it is?

here goes.

I'm not really a bitch.

ok, ok... shut the hell up. seriously.... c'mon... STOP LAUGHING FOR CHRISSAKES!!!!!!

I mean, I really am a bitch, and given the right blend of hormonal imbalance, I can definitely make a regular bitch look like a soft rabbit napping....

but in real life... I'm not always a bitch.

In fact... for the most part of the day, I'm a big ball of lovey mush. I blame Rhena, actually.... she tends to have this way about her that makes me forget about why I'm pissed off or why I'm not in anything BUT a good mood.

case in point... prior to this weekend, I had been feeling a bit on the funky side. out of it, if you will. disconnected. I resolved to stop trying to go go go and be around and be a part of what everyone else was doing, and just kind of relax and let the weekend, as well as my husband and daughter... just kinda soak back into my life.

well, it seems to have worked, cause tonight, as we were saying prayers.... I sat in the rocker holding my boogie for a good ten minutes in silence just smiling. I breathed in her freshly bathed head and listened to her just laying still in my arms. Although she said nothing... I heard SO MUCH. as I looked in her eyes, I heard laughter and love, and hope and promises.

and I kept smiling. No disconnection, no discombobulation... just me, her and ten minutes of silence. Of course, at that point, she farted.... because she truly IS my daughter, and no moment can ever be TOO sweet in our lives.

but it WAS sweet. because it's her, and it's how we roll. but symbolically speaking, it really got me thinking of how things are in real life. sometimes you just gotta let go of the stinky stuff, you know?

I dunno. I guess the bottom line is that my arms are only so big, and when it comes down to it, I'd much rather be holding on to my sweet baby fart machine than on to a bunch of drudgery, drama, and bitchiness.

so I guess what you as a reader need to take out of my little self-discovery here is that if you have any bad news to give me... you're best off giving it to me during Rhena's awake hours. Without my little suger-cup-rosey-pants to distract and brighten my mood, you could face the dangers of a beast likened to Godzilla on steroids with underwear chafing a hemorrhoid.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Out and About

so today boogie and I went downtown for some culture. Last spring I got into the habit of trying to check out culture-like shit here in Charlotte, so I thought it was time to kick that back into gear again.

Last week, we had our strawberry outing (which, by the way... one of the pictures I took from that day was featured in today's newspaper... and yes.. we bought 5 copies of the paper, thank you very much!)

anyways.. this week, boogs and I headed to Discovery Place, to check out the Dead Sea Scrolls. we never got to see them when my folks were here for easter, so since the exhibit is in its last few days, I wanted to get off my ass and get down to see them.

it was very cool. The exhibit itself was very informative, and I found it to be highly interesting... not just from a historical and scientifical standpoint, but also from a religious sense of awe. To be in the presence of artifacts so old, and to read some of the translations from these biblical doctrines... well, it was quite moving. Rhena was a peach and very well behaved the entire 3 hours we were at the museum.

I dunno. it's hard to explain how great I feel when I take rhena to an exhibit as rare as the Dead Sea Scrolls. I mean, it's not like I've been scouring museums for rare digs and shit... but I guess all of these little outings I do with her are very cool to me in so many ways. Mostly, because I have the power to share knowledge with her. I know for damn ass sure I don't have all the answers, but I have been able to show her places that DO have answers.

I know I can definitely thank my parents, for when I was a kid, we were ALWAYS going, seeing and doing. museums, day trips, even historical shit while on a summer vacation. I appreciate all those years of exploration... for they must have shaped me into the adventurous person I find myself to be today. And I hope the same for Rhena. that she learns to ask "what else" and seek out all that is available to her.

so anyways... it's late and I'm rambling. today was a good day, though. We got out of the house.. we got some culture... even got a few loads of laundry done. To quote another cultural icon... Col. John "Hannibal" Smith, from the A-team...

"I love it when a plan comes together"...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

yeah... I went there.


I HAD to do it.

see that bandwagon? yup. me. on it.

over at Sweet Juniper, I read about and threw in my submission for the world's shittiest mix tape.

of COURSE, after I layed down my fresh beats in their comments, I read more rules, so I had no idea there was not supposed to be a theme, or that I was supposed to find links to the mp3s.

I must say, however.. I'm glad I went with the theme. finding five random bad songs is one thing, but to find 5 bad songs that are all in one genre or have that teen-aged sense of PURPOSE (however misguided and falling short).. well, that just makes for super-bad. You KNOW my ass was having a hard time keeping it to five songs.... I could fill hours and hours with crappy misguided music.

Rhena's finally starting to wake up, so I'll have to edit this post later to add in my mp3s... but here's my submission:

Cze-Johnson Fever's "Hangin Tough in the Suburbs of Jersey" Mix Tape

Track 1 - Ice Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice (1990)

Track 2 - Parents Just Don't Understand, by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (1988)

Track 3 - Treat 'Em Right, by Chubb Rock (1991)

Track 4 - Rump Shaker, by Wreckx-N-Effect (1992)

Track 5 - Baby-Baby-Baby, by TLC (1992)

Bonus Track (not on my official submission) - I Get Around, by TuPac (1993)

so tell me readers.... what would YOUR shitty mix tape have???


edit: so they recently threw a new rule into the mix... the songs have to suck even while you're drunk. yes. you KNOW I could do this all day.....

anyways... my new submission, based on the new rules:

Cze-Johnson Fever's "Making the Drunk Unborn Cry For Mercy" Mix:

track 1 - Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo

track 2 - Rico Suave - Gerardo

track 3 - I'm Your Lady - Celine Dion

track 4 - Barbie Girl - Aqua

track 5 - Miss me Blind - Culture Club

bonus track - I want a New Drug - Huey Lewis and the News

I'll be slowly adding links to the songs for your own listening displeasure. you know... in between making sure Rhena isn't stabbing herself with sharp objects.


you ever have one of those days/weeks where you have a ton of shit going on, but when people ask you what you've been up today, you kinda blank out and tell them nothing much?

I mean.. I KNOW I've been doing shit... just seems like it's pretty uneventful stuff. you know... stuff like killing fireants, paying bills, cleaning. boring, everyday kind of stuff that fills up the day but leaves you sorta empty?

I imagine there's some celebrity out there that needs a good ass slap... or at least a nice dose of smack talk from yours truly... but again... I got nothin.

I DID, however, finally figure out what the prizes for Cze-Bingo will be... so I can finally begin to do that. Originally I was going to make a CD of some sorts... but alas.. I knew I needed something grander. something a little more... STUPID. if I can get my materials this week, I'll be sending them out early next week.

well, Troy's about to head off to work, so I'm going to be a good wifey and make him a latte. I just can't resist being nice to him when he's got a dress shirt and slacks on.

peace out!

Friday, May 19, 2006

better mood

(FYI... this is NOT an update to the Bowel Crisis 2006.... unfortunately, my colon is still full of rock-hard pebbly shit, and is not making any overtures of a grand exit any time soon. Though thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking of hitting up Starbucks for a double espresso prune latte??)

This post is actually about me getting out of the funk I've been in.

You may not know this, but I've been in a piss-poor mood this week. Rotten. Spoiled. just plain FUGLY.

I attribute it to hormones, to Troy being gone, to having a way-lame mother's day, and just a shit week on top of it. I can't shit, I've been crampy, and I've been trying to clean my house and paint and get shit done before troy gets home, but by the time Rhena goes to bed, I'm too tired to do too much, and damn all those season finales that are JUST so much more interesting than scrubbing my floors! (and while I'm at it... can I get a HOO-fucking-RAY that DENNY is now finally DEAD???)

ok. so me. pissy.

but today I'm better.

Today Troy comes home, and he's bringing with him some sort of surprise for me. He told me what STORE he bought the presents in, but not what all he got me. Not the same as a box of See's candies.. but I'm thinking they'll be better for my figure, anyway.

so knowing that there's an end in sight to the single-parent days... I'm in a better mood. YES... he'll have to go back for probably another THREE weeks next time... but the point is that he's on his way home today.

And really... other than the standard inability to take a good crap... what do I have to bitch about? some women have their husbands gone for MONTHS at a time.

and BOOGIE! I have BOOGIE! We went to a local farm the other day and picked strawberries... and while I have to say that the day itself was fun, and the berries were delicious... NOTHING makes me smile more than looking at some of the pictures I took that day.

so my dear readers... on this fabulous friday... I inform you that I am hereby removing the stick from my ass. I ALSO hope to soon be removing the SHIT from my ass... but for now... stickage is gone.

If you have a stick troubling you or know someone with a stick problem... might I suggest you direct them to the pictures below??? They really work wonders.

Happy friday, Gang!

on our way!

that's a LOT of strawberries to pick!

my own little strawberry shortcake

footloose and fancy free

not bad for an hour's work with a 1 1/2 year old!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dear Ronald-

I'm sorry, but our relationship is over.

You used to be THERE for me! I mean.. I know we haven't seen each other in a while, but we had this agreement... and yesterday.... you broke it. You left me... and no action whatsoever. I mean... I have NEEDS, you know!

You're just not worth the aches and pains if I'm not getting what I truly need out things... and I'm sorry, but you really let me down.

NO MORE will I go to you when I need you. NO MORE will I proudly exclaim how good you are behind closed doors. I have been let down, and I just can't continue with this masochistic behavior if I'm the only one holding up my end of the deal.

From now on... when I need to take a good healthy shit... I'm going to Bojangles.

It's over, Ronald. over.

no longer yours,

Sunday, May 14, 2006

on a day like today

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies, my love,
To the dark and the empty skies.
The first time ever I kissed your mouth
And felt your heart beat close to mine
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love
That was there at my command.
And the first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine
And I knew our joy would fill the earth
And last till the end of time my love
It would last till the end of time my love
The first time ever I saw your face,
your face, your face, your face

How is it that one song can completely encapsulate the thoughts and feelings I have about my husband, yet still be applicable in summing my thoughts of my dear sweet baby girl? both SO different... one in a romantic love way, the other in a rendered helpless with awe of a human life so innocent way. Yet, so very much the same in that it overwhelms me with joy that could truly fill the earth.

I guess it might just be one of those things that only a mother could understand....

from everyone here at the fever.... Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I heart party hats

ok... something has to be said about how friggin cool it is that rhena lets me put hats on her and take stupid amounts of pictures.

I really have an arsenal of pics going... wigs, sombreros, party hats, skater caps... but most are archived in the laptop... which is in oregon. Perhaps I'll bypass the typical 'year in review' stuff this year and just post all my pics of rhena in hats.

However.. just cause it's friday, and we get jiggy like that... here's a little something to kick off your weekend.

Viva la party hat!

Random Poop

I say random, cause my thoughts this morning really are. I say poop, cause I have to. (just in case you wanted to know)

Today we're off to get boogie's hair cut. I think it's high time we saw her eyes again.

gotta go to the post office.

Troy scared the SHIT out of me last night when he called at 12:59 to discuss the season finale of the office. except he didn't really scare the shit OUT of me. (see first sentence) The time zone thing threw me for a loop, though, and I freaked out with the late night jingle.

I dreamt last night (and actually WOKE UP because of it) that my character in Urban Dead was under attack by a group of zombies. I *almost* came downstairs to login and check things out. ALMOST. apparently my bed is too comfotable for even zombies.

why is it that I get a limit increase on my credit card the day AFTER most websites offer free express upgrades on mother's day gifts? I'm not even going to discuss how much I just spent so shit can get to my and troy's mom on time. the good news is that what we got them from rhena was on sale, so it's kinda like we bought it last week and had it shipped regularly. kinda.

The office??? my jaw is still hanging. good episode.

tonight is bath night. for rhena.. not me. that's about how deep the excitement rolls in these parts.

I still need to take a crap, so I guess since rhena's starting to wake up, I'll get her and have some coffee. nothing says gimmee clean pipes like a good ole cup o' joe.

-- have a great day, gang! it's friday! whe-hoo! get your bath on!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

To Be Fair

well, yesterday was interesting. I enjoyed taking the time to think about each of my commenters.. and while I may not have come up with anything too profound... it was a good exercise for me to really take stock of my friends and family.

To be fair today.. I have decided that I will answer all of the questions I asked of my commenters yesterday. some of the questions were deep.. some not as much. But once again.. the brain being on the soggy side today.. it gives me something to write about.

Before I go on, though... I must call special attention to the fact that TROY... my HUSBAND... actually visited my blog last night!!!

Yes... in the nearly TWO YEARS I've been keeping this thing... last night was his first unsolicited visit and comments. Of COURSE, his first comment was gay in a he-thinks-he's-Randy-Jackson kind of way... but hey... That's my baby, and I love him.

ok... so on with answering the questions I asked of everyone else:

I asked Jenni: If money were no object... what would you do as a career?

I think in part I'm doing it right now. It's taken me 2 years (almost) to come to terms with being a stay at home mom, but I'm definitely becoming more comfortable in this role, and have begun to value what I do around here.

But other than that... I would definitely do event planning. I'm thinking more on the wedding/parties kind of thing, but hey... if someone wanted me to plan an awards dinner, I'd do that too. someday. maybe. if it's still what I want to do when it's time for me to do it.

I asked Ferg: What's one thing you could change about your life?

She actually took my answer, sort of. if there's one thing I could change.. it would be that my Gramma Czernikowski was alive long enough to meet Troy. I'd say Rhena, too, but I don't want to get greedy. Gram always wanted me to settle down with a nice man, and although Troy isn't Polish... I know she would have been so happy for me to have found him. I'm sure her soul knows my happiness now, but that would have been nice to have her at least meet the man who is everything I want out of a partner in life.

I asked Derek: Dude... what was UP with that whole Harry-Krishna episode?

You know how we all have phases in our lives where we're searching for answers? It wasn't so much WHERE my brother was looking for answers , as I was upset and worried that he was that unsettled. I've said before how much I love my brother. His innate ability to shit in cheerios and everything... he truly is a part of me, and it hurts me when he hurts. Granted, he's also pretty stoic, so I wouldn't know when something's bugging him unless he wanted me to know.. so I guess I'll 'answer' this question by letting him know that I DO want to know. cause I do care. and that's enough about that.

I asked my Dad: What is one thing you wish you told Gram and Granpa before they died?

I could easily answer this question in regards to my grandparents... but I was asking my father in terms of what he regrets not telling HIS PARENTS. This is a difficult question for me to answer, as both of my parents are still alive. Without a doubt, I try to make it a point to not let things go unsaid... but just in case I haven't said it enough, or lately or at all...

Mom and Dad... I want to be just like you when I grow up, and I can only hope my children see me in the same eyes as I see you both.

I asked Jody: If you could land the dream role... what would it be, and would it be theater or big screen?

Well, the last acting class I had was in 9th grade, so I'm a BIT out of my league here. I've also never had a dance class in my life, but for me? without a doubt, I would SO be Clara in The Nutcracker. definitely on stage, too.

I asked Kelli : When all is said and done... what is the ONE trait about yourself that you hope Kendal will also possess?

Well.. it'd be silly for me to answer in terms of Kendal.. being that she's Kelli's daughter... though I DO love how Kelli responded. For me.. in terms of Rhena... I would hope that she will always be able to see the goodness in our world. Too many people see only the bad and ugly in our world, and every day, in every person, I see SO MUCH goodness. I *DO* believe in hope, and I'm firmly convinced there are enough good souls in our world to keep things running... I just pray that Rhena will be able to find the goodness, too.

I asked Greek Chickie: What is stopping you from your dreams?

My answer to this question for me is most definitely myself. I know I hold the key to actually figuring out what my dreams are, and then the drive to go about achieving them. Right now in my life, I am VERY CONTENT. and sure, a bundle of money can make me happy as a pig in shit... it won't do much by ways of answering any dreams I may or may not have. For now, my dream is to be happy and balanced in life, and I'm working on it. I definitely feel I'm on my way there.

I asked Bridget: Where would you want the next 'reunion' to be, if it means you would be there?

This is, of course.. in regards to my mom's group. Our first and last 'big' meeting was in Chicago... and Bridget was unable to attend. If I'm being perfectly honest... Chicago was fine because it was centrally located, but I am not interested in doing a tourist city with these girls again. There was talk of vegas, and I'm SO not interested in vegas. not with these girls. Vegas is the most fake, obnoxious, get drunk and party place I have ever been. These women are very REAL women, who deal and help each other cope with everyday issues. I really don't see myself 'clubbing' with them.

I dunno. it's hard to explain. I guess I'm just thinking that if I'm going to go somewhere to be with them, I'd like for it to be in their natural environment so i can get to know them better.... not in some destination place. ummm.. still not coming out right. ok. how's this.

When traveling with someone I already know really well, I feel more inclined to allow myself to absorb the place I'm visiting. When traveling with someone I may have only virtually met, I would prefer to take that time together to get to know that person better. While the trip to Chicago gave me a few opportunities to get to know the girls a little better, I'm disappointed with the lack of quality time I felt I had with each of these amazing women. But maybe that's what happens when you have big groups like that. I've never been one to run in large packs, so who knows.


SO that was it. Troy, as I said earlier... left a comment last night, so I suppose I could do 'his'.

1. He NEVER ceases to amaze me. Every time I think I have him figured out, he manages to surprise me. He truly makes me feel like the most special woman in the world.

2. "If" as sung by Jane Monheit

3. "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear." -- John 4:18

4. When are you coming home, baby? XXOO

ok.... that's all for me today, gang. have a good one!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


so... I'm feeling a little braindead today.... so I'm going to host an open-mic day here at the Fever.

Well, not necassarily open-mic... just for once I'm gonna make some shit about YOU, my reader.. instead of yours truly and the mini-poop machine.

So thanks to Gina... I'm opening up the comments for y'all to find out what I think about you. here's the rules:

If you comment to this post:

1. I'll respond with something random I like about you.

2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.

3. I'll leave you a quote that is somehow appropriate to you.

4. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.

5. If I do this for you, you must (please) post this on your journal so you can do the same for other people.

I'm even gonna throw you a bone... you don't HAVE to post this on your blog if you don't want to. That's right. you get to hear what the fat lady thinks, and it'll only cost you a comment.

Will you dare?

Step right up!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Missing You

no... this is not a tribute to 80's one-hit wonder John Waite.... nor is this a tribute to Troy. I mean, c'mon people... he's only been gone a day and a half!

This *IS* however, an open-ended letter to pretty much all of my friends.

I miss you.

I'm sorry I haven't been in touch lately. MONTHS have gone by since I've written or called. I've missed birthdays, anniversaries and one-year milestones of surviving parenthood.

I'm angry at myself, especially when I resolved to make my friends feel appreciated this year. I highly doubt lack of communication ranks high on the list of what to expect when expecting appreciation.

I've been meaning to ask you how it feels to be pregnant again, but whoops... you've already given birth.

I've been meaning to tell you how often I think about you, but then I forget to say something.

How *IS* the new job/baby/medication/house/boyfriend/car????

and as unbelievable as this may sound... I really do care. cause deep down I really do miss you. I miss our talks, our laughs, the ways you inspire me, the way we can be bored together, or talk about everything and nothing.

I DO have so much to share, but I've been tired and lazy... so I'm sorry.

It's not because you don't have a blog... though if you DID, I would probably only comment a fraction of the times I had something to say. Again... I've been lazy. so I'm sorry. so sorry.

Because I miss you. I really do.


side note... THANK you to all of you who continue to stop by and read about my life. Your hits and comments mean so much... and while they haven't made me be a better friend towards others... they remind me that it's time for me to pay my dues. so thank you.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Party Time!

Whe-hooo... Troy's gone.... gonna have a parrrrrrrty!

Just kidding, though we *ARE* going to my neighbor's kid's first birthday party today. I guess that counts for something, right?

Anyho... Boogs and I are on our own for the next two weeks. I'm a little bummed, of course, cause I actually LIKE troy, so he will definitely be missed. I'm more sad thinking about how much HE's going to miss Rhena, though... She's entered into this little time warp of change lately. I mean... this kid wakes up from a nap, and she's doing some crazy new trick. She's still not saying very many words, but she's really begun to TRY to say words. For example.. when we say "CORN", she says "caaah".... still not quite there yet, but I feel we're on the verge of a verbal breakthrough.

I know some of you are all "don't worry, it'll happen"... but you have to understand... this is MY KID. if you have ANY clue about me, it's a given that I talk. A LOT. I mean A LOT, A LOT. so to have rhena be so content to imitate Pebbles Flintstone... it makes me wonder. Granted, I know in her way she's talking, but ask my mom and she'll tell you I was talking at an insanely early age. (go figure, right?) But all that doesn't matter. I think she's on the verge of saying real words... and more importantly, she's healthy and happy. life is good.

Yesterday was my class' first Holy Communion. I was so proud of them... they were so cute in their little dresses and suits!!! One of my boys had on this white suit. He's a little on the chubby side, so it was just adorable to see him all pimped out in white. TOTALLY looking like a little Don Corleone if there was ever one. But the kids did great. they remembered to bow and to do the sign of the cross, and well.. they done good. Tomorrow night is our last class together, and while I'm looking forward to the summer break, I will definitely miss the little shits. It was a GREAT experience to be with these kids this year, and my partner and I have decided to team up again and teach next year. so look forward to more Church Lady! hah!

speaking of Church lady... by request... here's the outfit I wore.

Annnd, since Rhena's napping and my tea is still hot (wild and crazy livin la vida bachelorette... I know) here's a pic of the Boog. We went to the park yesterday for more of that "family time", and I snapped a few of the fun. Gotta love slide static. classic.

and on a final note... Friday was more than a fiesta for two of my friends.... Two girls from my mom group had their babies... so congrats to Maria, who delivered Rachel... and congrats to Jessica... who brought Bella into the world! may health and happiness be with them through their lives!


Friday, May 05, 2006


ok... I'm posting from my new digs here in troy's office, and I have to say, it's under much protest.

As previously mentioned... he leaves for Portland for 2 weeks this weekend. well luckyu me, not only do I get to go without my husband, but I'm also losing the laptop.




Look... I'm gonna miss troy and everything, but typing from his office BLOWS. He's got this STUPID ergonomic keyboard which I HAAAAATE (confession... I type pretty fast, but I'm a hunt-and-pecker... hee hee hee pecker!) anyways... this ergo shit is slowing me down and cramping my style (AND FINGERS)!!!

none of my links are on this computer, nor are any of my usernames and passwords, so it's like starting all over. in ergonomic hell.

none of my pictures are on this computer, so no zoo pics until I get the laptop back tonight. I DO, however, finally have access to my dad's copies of the Easter pics, so here are a few of the boog. a few weeks late. however, it's about right on time for me.. what with the ergonomic delay and all.

Happy cinco de yo yos, kids. be careful with the tequila, and for God's sake.. take a cab home, ok?

here's some pics.... enjoy!

grand entrance... Easter morning


Perhaps the hat is a squeak too big


Getting shoes on...


Three Times a Lady (Mom was caught off guard.. sorry, Mom!)


And Finally... Cze-Johnson Fever in full effect... Me, Rhena, and Troy

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hoo-dee-hoo, let's go to The Zoo

No... I'm not trying to imitate Dr Suess or anything... just letting y'all know that tomorrow, the Johnsons are going to the zoo.

by choice.

I know, I know... me... live animals.... live animal SHIT everywhere... doesn't really add up. HOWEVER.... Troy's leaving in a few days, and I'm hell-bent on us doing something "FAMILY-ORIENTED". you know. together. as a FAMILY.

I'd much rather go to the aquarium, but the closest is in like Myrtle Beach, which is like 3 hours away. (all other NC aquariums are near the outer banks, which is 4-6 hrs away... I think.)

so today, we enjoyed some together time at home depot and Lowe's, where we looked at paint. and lighting fixtures. and weed wackers. and bricks. Good wholesome fun, I tell you!

Afterwards, we went for ice cream, which was very much needed by EVERYONE. Right now, Boogie's taking a nap, and I'm thinking about how I don't feel like cooking dinner. actually, I'm thinking Subway sounds just about right... it's got that perfect blend of lunch meat and blandness (with salt and mayo, of course) that I think hits the spot on a hot day like today.

so there you have it!

I bought an outfit (pants and shirt) at target yesterday... including shoes. They're PINK! but hooray! new shoes! (No... I'm not going to wear them to the zoo tomorrow.) I got them so I look 'purty' for my kids' first Communion this Saturday. That's right... my little shits in my CCD class are making their first Communion. I'm really excited for them... they're going to look adorable in their little dresses and suits! Makes me even more excited to think that NEXT year, my very own Godchild, Dara, will be making HER first Communion. seriously. it feels like just the other day I was dripping snot on her from being so choked up with love on her Baptism.

well... it sounds like the boogster is stirring, and subway is a'calling.

Have a great day everyone... I'll catch you when we return (hopefully unscathed) from the zoo! Viva la vida Family!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


ok... I'm a moron.

for some reason, I think I carried when I should have tallied, or whatever, but I screwed up my dates, and TODAY is also QUINN'S b-day!

I've known this SOB for probably too long, but he's a stand-up guy, and I wish him all the best on his birthday today.

Please extend your wishes to the birthday boy, Bill.

peace out!

The News

so I was watching the news last night. They were showing coverage from around the nation regarding yesterday's demonstrations and rallies regarding the immigration laws.

Ok... those people all wore white shirts... mexico boycotted american products (which I honestly still don't understand... cause you know.. everyone wants to move here, but apparently the USA sucks?) blahbitty blah... all different little snippits and clips and related features.

Now... I'm not going to go touting my opinions on the whole immigration thing, because I really am pretty middle-of-the-road with this. I definitely feel that our country was founded on being the land of opportunity and home of the free... but I certainly don't believe that shit SHOULD be free here. Yes. come to America. work your ass off. make a good living, make a new start for yourself... and to the people who are trying to do that... rock the fuck on. What I DO disagree with are people coming into this country (whether through our borders or through birth) and assuming that because they are here, their lives will be subsidized by the rest of the working public. And I disagree with employers hiring cheap labor because they can pay their hires under the table and avoid taxes thus cutting their bottom dollar, thus increasing their profits.

Anyways... if you want to be here, then cool. get a job and try to survive.... just like the rest of us have been doing for the past several hundred years. If you're an employer... stop trying to buck the system. Yes, we're happy that our dinners and lawns and clothing can be purchased for just slightly less dollars than down the street from corporation emporium... but let's face it.. the only ones really profiting here are those employers.... and when it comes time to draw social security, am I really going to remember saving $5 a month on landscaping?

anyways... it's a complex subject to say the least. However... back to my reason for posting... in the spirit of yesterday's demonstrations etc... our local news channel showed a segment on Sham Marriages. Their intent was to talk about marriages formed for the sake of obtaining money in reward for marrying someone so they may obtain a green card. Ok, I get it... topic is immigration shit, so they're running the piece on green card marriages.

Well the shit of it is that somewhere after about 5 minutes, they totally went astray, talking about how the federal government can investigate any marriage they believe to be fraudulent. Let me tell you kiddies.. this shit REALLY got me thinking. I mean... they're saying how if the feds have suspicion that the marriage was formed for reasons other than traditional, they can investigate. Now being a human of SOMEWHAT reasonable intelligence, I'm going to assume they were REFERRING to insurance scams, and green card workings, and I imagine a slew of other no-nos. However, they didn't say that, and they kept referring to non-love-based marriages throughout the rest of the segment.

So I ask my dear federal government and its fine investigators... how's the case coming with Tom and Katie?? I mean Kate??? Surely the attempt to sway hollywood ratings must be considered fraudulent? AT the VERY least... can you send some of your X-Files dudes in to check on shit???? God knows WHAT kind of intergalactic crap is going on in THAT house.

And speaking of FEDS.... SOMEBODY tell me that if sham marriages are illegal, then our dear fertile friends, the Federlines are due for a lock-up soon??? please? anybody? Shams? anyone??

Anyways... I'm convinced the news is just stupid sometimes. The way they try to sensationalize every damned little thing. You'd think they could have spent that 10 minute segment a little better by at least telling everyone that today is Greek Chickie's BIRTHDAY.

oh well.. they didn't, so I am. go wish her a happy birthday, and have yourself a sham-free day. after all.. the feds could be watching!

Monday, May 01, 2006

April showers bring May CHANGES?

ok... that's really a lame title, I know.. but it's quarter to nine on a monday night... whaddaya expect?

So I CAN'T believe MAY is here! dude! MAY! not that anything spectacular happens in may.. just crazy that we're already into the 5th month of the year.

SO troy's last day of work is tomorrow. He'll have wednesday through friday off... then Sunday he's off to Portland for a few weeks. definitely excited for him to start this new chapter in his professional life. and yeah.. all the benefits and him working downtown are cool, too. and yeah... I'm already thinking of all the new people we can invite to this year's Christmas Social! HAH!

This friday we're going to a cinco de mayo street party. That ought to be fun. I'm really liking our neighborhood (you know... minus the crazy drama we hear about here and there) so I'm looking forward to just hanging out with the neighbors, having a few drinks and getting my munch on.

We've also decided to start looking for some new furniture. Rhena has recently been able to get her leg-slash-foot up and over the top crib rail... and while she hasn't actually tried to get OUT of the crib, we're thinking it's time to start thinking about having her move into a big girl room.

Now if anyone knows anything about me, it's that when it comes to rhena, I'm all about slow and gradual changes. SO this week, we're going to go look at paint colors together. Mainly because Memorial day is coming up, and troy will be in Oregon, so we want to pick out colors together this week while he's actually in town. Oh.. I suppose I don't need to say it, but memorial day = sales galore, so we're thinking we can get some kickass deals on paint.... so we're going to see what we can find. Anyways.. the goal is to have rhena in a big girl room by the time she's two, so our long slow summer project will be getting said room together and decorated.

It's actually exciting. I mean, when I was pregnant with rhena.. we decorated our nursery in Reno, but it was just for a random baby.. my monster growing inside. We really had no idea of it would be a boy or a girl, so we picked gender nuetral everything. Now... having known our sweet baby for a year and a half... we're buying something that's ALL HER. So it's exciting!! I'm thinking blues and whites and pinks, with bugs and flowers . Not TOO girly.. but definitely with a delicate and gentle side. Just like Rhena. so again.. it's exciting.

I think we might paint our dining room, too, depending on how much paint costs. Again... just outward reflections of the changes we're feeling inside. Like.. I'm FEELING more settled into this home and community, so I want our house to reflect that commitment. with color. with decorative shit. well.. not shit... but including clocks, we probably have less than twenty things hanging on all of the walls in this entire house. and that includes the tool rack in the garage!

Now.. trust me.. this house is NOT going to become full of 'stuff'. Having moved approximately 6 times in the past 8 years... troy and I have learned to minimize things down, and i actually kind of like it like that... but definitely a little color couldn't hurt.

alright. this post is pretty lame, and I'm really just watching tv, so my thoughts are all over the place. perhaps tomorrow I'll actually go to the downstairs computer and post the pictures from Easter. you know.. cause it's may and everything.

peace out!

How about that?

huh! so apparently hockey's going on!

Three cheers for my Devils, who SWEPT the rangers in the first round of the finals.

but seriously... I'm so out of this season, I'm in left field. (get it? cause like left field is BASEBALL, and I'm talking about hockey??)


oh well. busy day today. I'll check in later.