Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thinking Pink

Dear Readers,

I want to give you heads up that there will be a different flavor of posts here at the Fever for the month of August.

I think my readers have come to expect a certain level of bitching and moaning, with maybe a funny morsel or two thrown in for good measure when it comes to what I write. I feel it is only fair to let you know that for the next 31 days, I plan to focus primarily on a VERY emotional topic to me:

Breast Cancer.

Why now? why August? why Breast Cancer?

well... why not?

ok, ok... of COURSE there's more to it than that.. there always is. But for now, for today... I just wanted you to know a change was afoot.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

we are SO married

said the husband to the blogger one lazy afternoon----

"you know... one of these days I'm totally gonna blow your mind in bed..."

said the blogger to the husband ----

"what... you going to fall asleep to something OTHER than military channel?"


I think we're going to skip anniversaries 4-24 and go straight to silver.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


if you EVER happen to decide to clean my garage and accidentally knock over Troy's motorcycle...

might I suggest NOT attempting to hold it up for over 30 minutes to prevent it from getting scratched on the ground? really.. you'll just end up hurting your back.

also.. might I offer the advise that if you, too, are wearing flip-flops while your feet are slightly wet that there's PROBABLY no chance in hell you will be able to lift the 800+ pound bike into its upright position during that half hour of profuse sweating, praying, cursing and straining.... until, of course, someone walks by and runs to your aide because they're convinced that the screaming child they hear is pinned under said bike?

yeah. let's just say yesterday was NOT one of my finer moments.

the garage looks great, though... and no.. no scratches on the bike.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


ladies and gentlemen... my children are sharks.

and yes.. I am bleeding.


I suppose I really don't need to follow up on that TOO much... but let me tell you.. it's going to take at LEAST three of the cupcakes I made today to bring me back to life from the past two hours alone.

My children are predators, and they not only know when it's mama's 2nd night in a row of double-duty bed routine, but I just KNOW they know it's my time of the month to prove my womanhood and dear jesus on sweet HIGH I'm in a mood, and did I TELL you we have another fucking fly in our house???

yes.. the cupcakes they are a' callin'.

sharks. downright, make-my-ass-crazy SHARKS.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Burn, baby burn!

so... as I've said in the past.. summer TV pretty much sucks. sure, we have our one-off shows here and there, and Tuesdays are good for catching up with all the episodes of House we never watched cause for some unknown reason other than for what SURELY must be categorized as pregnancy-and-post-par tum-STUPIDNESS. Really.. don't know how we missed that show for so long!

but whatever.. my point is that troy and I are FINALLY getting our money's worth out of netflix, now that the summer (aka shit programming) is here. I also like this time of year, because I finally have some other shit to talk about other than the quantities of food coming in and out of my family members' bodies, or how much sleep I'm not getting. I almost start to think that I might.. just MIGHT be able to have an adult conversation someday. you know... with another adult. and maybe out in public... but I'm not pushing my luck here.

so... recently we've caught a couple of movies. some good, some not-so-good, and as always.. some I found disturbing.

You know.. I do have to say this. while I recognize the fact that my way of thinking has been altered since becoming a mother... I really and truly wonder if the things (movies) I find so disturbing now are really that disturbing, or because my meter-reader is jacked for the whole estrogen thing.

For example:

Deliver Us From Evil - this is no question. BY FAR one of the more ... strike that... MOST disturbing movies I've watched in a long time. Not only was I fighting back vomit and rage from what this man did to children, but knowing he was allowed to go on as a prominent figure in my religion of choice??? VERY DIFFICULT. Troy and I had a deep conversation afterwards that touched on this particular documentary example, our society as a whole, our religion, and of course, our fears for the future. This movie is not for the faint of heart, though. I'll admit I was actually SORE the next day from the angst and tension I held through the whole movie.

Little Children - this one is an iffy one. *I* thought it was disturbing, but then again, I always have had a hard time watching movies that involve adultery. This movie had characters REEKING with issues, which TYPICALLY makes me feel better about myself, but eh... it just didn't sit right with me. Maybe because all of the characters were real enough that I could actually imagine meeting them here in stepford... and maybe it's the whole "you selfish asshole sonofabitches, wake the fuck up and pay attention to your CHILDREN" feelings I was having... more conversations between Troy and I, though. hah! we're such movie-critic-turned-life-coaches. Just kidding.. but seeing a blatant example of situations usually prompts troy and I to have one of those "what would YOU do" conversations. (don't worry, folks.. he and I are still very much on the same page...)

Flags of Our Fathers - I enjoyed watching this movie in that it made me think. We're waiting on the corresponding movie, Letters from Iwo Jima... With Troy having served in the Marines, I can't help but be thankful that his years never had him in war. Now, I'm not going to get into a whole discussion here about my thoughts on war, patriotism, and the distinct feeling of apathy I sense from my generation... but Flags really painted a picture of the societal sensationalism and pressure that was put on soldiers during World War II. Many war stories/movies illustrate characters as they are in battle. we as an audience watch, support, then often mourn the inevitable outcomes of these scenarios based on actual history. But few movies show the characters, and more so their emotions, when they come home. Sure, there were some war scenes, but the battles they fought in their heads when they were home were what struck a chord with me. sad.

Another one that was sad to me was Dirty Pretty Things. I really don't think about the US as being such a desirable place to live. I'll admit I take my citizenship for granted many times, and watching this movie disturbed me in that I was amazed at what people will do to escape their current living conditions. This movie definitely upped my appreciation factor for stepford... puke-filled buncos and all.

Other stuff we've burned through lately is Night at the Museum (gotta take a mental break every now and then, you know...), Catch and Release, V is for Vendetta, Blood Diamond, No Man's Land, an Inconvenient Truth, Suspect Zero (SUCKED!!! seriously.. very lame), Boys of Baraka, and You, Me and Dupree (ok, ok.. I'm a sucker for Owen Wilson!)

I imagine that I'm probably 100 years too late in the game when it comes to being qualified to discuss movies.. I mean, seriously.. I've seen ONE movie in the theater in the past 2 years?? But if anyone else wants to start up a movie-blog with me.. I'd love to jabber with ya.

Truth is... like I said... I'm really trying to get back in the game of thinking for myself about topics that don't include what's for dinner, where my daughter left her underwear, and how long it's been since the moose ate or had his diaper changed. And I love a good movie. or you know.. a heart-wrenchingly disturbing one.

Leave me a comment if you want in on the movie-chat blog, and I'll make you a contributor. Hell, even if I get one other blogger/commenter that's interested, I'll start up a blog and we can share thoughts/comments about movies we watch. But be warned.. I'm talking about movies that are not in the theaters.. cause you know.. my ass not leaving the house and all....

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Want to know how to get your kid to sleep past 6:03am every day?

....I know *I* sure as hell do!

Friday, July 20, 2007

yeah... so I'm a sell-out!

ok, ok, ok....

this shouldn't be a surprise, because y'all KNOW I love me some free stuff...

anyways; Tee's running a contest, so in order for me to enter, I have to post the following blurb. go on ahead and do it yourse;f, but if you win, you owe me one of those games, cause Rhena's eyeing up the fish one.


I am entering a blog contest run by Tee at Spilt Milk. Spilt Milk is a blog about many things, including, a meddling mother-in-law, her Latino husband, motherhood, raising boys, reviews of cool products, books, funny life observations, and her struggle with religion and self esteem. The prize is a 3-pack of popular kid's computer games, and all I had to do to enter was to cut and paste this code onto my blog. I hope I win!


I originally began writing this post on tuesday, but never finished, then I found out about my uncle so I never posted it. here's a glimpse of how my week started out, though.


welcome to the house of technicalities! I'm your host, but you can just call me "I must look like I have shit for Brains"... or of course... 'mommy' for short.

So today's been one of those 'get a lot of shit done' days... or at least ATTEMPT to. Danny's been kinda sick lately, so I'm trying to stay closer to the house and let him sleep as much as possible so he can get over this cold once and for all.

Rhena seemed perfectly content to be muddling around the house doing her own thing. this leaving me free to fold the Mt. Vesuvius of laundry I've got going.. I figure, what the hell. well, that's until rhena comes into danny's room holding her pyjama pants and panties in her hands and tells me,

"Mommy.. I need new panties. these have pee pee all over them."

WHAT??? whothewhatthehuh??? Mind you my surprise is truly genuine; rhena has been accident free for almost 2 months now.

"Rhena... why did you make pee pee in your pants??? You're supposed to use the bathroom! You know that!"

"BUT MOMMY.... I DID use the bathroom. I made pee pee by Daddy's sink!"


ok, so after all was cleaned up, I had a little sit down with her and made sure we were ALL on the same page with what momma means by bathroom. Yes, mommy means the potty. and no more in the panties, or the diapers are coming back, and do we want the diapers back? oh no. "I'm shorry, mommy. I won't make pee pee in my panties again. I'm really shorry." and WHERE do we make the pee pee? "In the PAAAH-TY, momma. NOT in my panties."

ok, fine.

day continues.

I'm doing chores, then lo and behold, a bottom-half naked rhena comes up to me and says "Hi, Mommy.. I tried to make pee pee in the potty but it won't fit!"


"Rhena... which potty did you use??"

"The one in the playroom! My pee-pee doesn't fit!"

People.. we do not have a potty in the playroom. Rhena's playroom is full of toys.

oh. oh oh oh.


I'm not going to give you TOO much of a visual here, but I WILL provide the one below to help you understand my frustration. Please take special care to note that although Rhena is not quite 3 years old yet, she is FAR bigger than a little people figurine. Her pee pee DEFINITELY did not fit in the potty.

my pee-pee won't fit!

and the victory goes to Rhena by order of a technical knock-out.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rest in Peace

The fever will be on a slight hiatus. not as long as the beginning of the year, I promise you that.

I just found out that my great uncle passed away.

This fact in and of itself is sad news to me, but it is also drudging up a LOT of emotions and memories of my grandparents. I can't recall feeling this lost in quite a long time. but NOT lost.

I have a lot of shit to figure out; primarily (and quickly) whether I'm going to drive up to jersey or not. and what to do with all this shit I've got going on in my head.

Anyways.. I'll be back in a day or two when I can type out something a little more coherent. got some funny shit to share, so I definitely won't be gone long.

Rest in peace, Big John.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Come Fly with Me

TRUST me when I tell you that this is NOT a case where "eep op ork ah ah" means 'I love you'. No... EEP!! OP!! ORK! and AH AH have been the terms coming out of my mouth the past few days in lieu of cursing in front of the kids.

ladies and gentlemen... I have a FLY in my house.

And this fly... this little BANE of my existence, this taunting little SHIT of a creature has been following my ass around like.. like.. well, I guess like a fly. fucker.

It would seem that every year here in stepford, there comes a season where the flies take over. Big, obnoxious, leave-a-jet-stream-when-they-zoom-past-your-head FLIES. and they're everywhere. forget about eating outside... at least when you're a mom, anyway. I promise you that while one hand is busy swatting the pests away from your CHILDREN'S food, your other will be busy keeping the onslaught away from your own face and food with all the futility that the characters of The Birds must have felt.

people.. I hate flies!!!!

Last year, I thought I was on to something when it came to eliminating the bastids from my house. I'll admit that I probably appeared to be more of a raving lunatic than the Karate-Kid-meets-Matrix I imagined myself to be.. but hey.. one by one, I got the job done.

Towards the end of the fly season, I found the ultimate tool in assisting my plight against evil....

a bottle of windex.

Yeah, yeah, I know... sounds more like a stepford brainwashing technique to get people to clean their homes more, but as it turns out.. the windex really helps.

The trick is to catch the fly when it's sitting still. If you can get past the hysterical laughing and taunting it's doing in fly-speak, then you need to spray that little bitch with the windex. Most of the time, the blue spray will stun the fly enough that it kinda just still sits there, or at the very worst starts to flub around a lot. BUT... it really does slow it down, so that's when you snatch in with a paper towel and squash it! (then, as an added bonus, if you happened to catch your fly on the window, go ahead and wipe up rhena's face and hand prints that have accumulated since last fly season.....)

Sometimes, it might take 2 or three spray attacks to knock the fly on its ass, but I gar-run-tee that the windex works.

well, except for my fly right now. I musta hit this genetic mutation at least 6 times this weekend, and still it lurks. I can only imagine that it is the spawn of some flies I killed last year, with built-up immunities to windex. Granted, it could also be because I refilled my spray bottle with the target-brand version of windex. that'll teach me for trying to save some money!!

But I know it's getting weaker; after the chemical warfare of the past 2 days, I noticed that it didn't have the energy to come upstairs and taunt me in my bed last night. Provided it's not in a closet somewhere morphing into Jeff Goldblum's cousin or something... I plan on catching it today once and for all.

so if you don't see me around the web today, it's because I'm fighting. Defender of all things clean in a land where children think their mother is losing it... I will press on until the beast is slain. Hide the kids... it's gonna get ugly up in here!

I'm gonna get you, SUCKA!

Friday, July 13, 2007

pants on fire!!!

why anyone in the world ever believes a single word I say any more, I have no earthly idea.

Certainly, with this motherhood thing I've got going on, I've become an INCREDIBLY good liar.

I think it started out when I was pregnant 100 years ago. people would ask me how I was doing, and I learned to not tell them how I REALLY was. Apparently telling people that you're having a hard time gaining weight and feel like your blood is boiling when you're in direct sunlight is an open invitation for people to tell you that you are doomed to be an unfit mother and that in their personal experience of not being a doctor, I should be doing this that and the other thing.

Me being who I am.. well, you can tell I got tired of THAT business right quick.

so the lies began.

"I'm GREAT!" became such an easy term to say that I think I actually believed myself once or twice.

there's many others from both my pregnancies, ESPECIALLY with all the puking I did with Danny, but I have to move this post along before one of the children realizes that they are indeed not up my ass right this minute.

anyways.... once the baby came, I found that I began to tell OTHER lies... "oh, she's sleeping right now, it's really not a good time" ... "oh, sorry, we can't come to the party, the baby's got a fever" and so on and so on.

Now that Rhena talks, and more importantly.. ASKS QUESTIONS.... I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I'm even BETTER at lieing!!! who knew??

I mean... for one thing, any parent can tell you (or anyone that has been in the company of a child) that children have this innate ability to sense fear and spot those unsure of themselves. Like fierce predators, they sniff out the weak, and then tear their asses to shreds in the most demoralizing way... usually in public.

so you get good at the lies and faking it. I mean, if I REALLY told Rhena the truth as to why she was not allowed to do such and such, it would either take a week of diagrams and flashcards for her to maybe just slightly understand (ie the merits of vegetables vs a diet solely consisting of sugar-free mints)... or it would bring on an onslaught of questions, or.. the typical response.. a tantrum.

So.. does my child really need to know that daddy and mommy don't WANT to go to the "meggy round" (merry-go-round) because daddy has to go back to work and mommy just really really needs for it to be bedtime as soon as possible? orrrrr... can we just keep everybody happy and believe that the meggy round is sleeping right now?

yeah yeah.. I suck. my lies are because I would rather have my kid living in a world where things go to bed, play hide and seek, need batteries, or are visiting their cousins in new jersey... instead of her knowing that mommy is a lazy ass and doesn't feel like doing shit most times.

I suppose I justify all of this because there will be a day (and a day that's coming oh-so-soon, I'm afraid) that my lies will no longer work with Rhena. of course, that also screws the pooch in terms of lieing to Danny, cause Rhena will be there to clue him in when the wool is being pulled.

and of COURSE... all of this expert training is only used for the benefit of manipulating of my children. I would NEVER lie to anyone else... especially telemarketers. I ALWAYS tell them the truth.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh, and another thing...

To the lady in Barnes and Noble today???

Yeah, you know who you are! you have one MIGHTY big set giving ME a dirty look because I asked your child if he needed help reaching something.

MAYBE if your FAT ASS wasn't 3 aisles over talking ON THE PHONE, you MIGHT have just noticed that your own little jack-be-nimble was STANDING on the THIRD SHELF.

Seriously... next time you think of giving that look to me again, it better be because I just went up to your ugly mug and told you that you're a negligent pig-farmer* with HORRIBLE taste in clothes. Put your phone away and take your kid to a damn playground where things are MEANT to be climbed on!

* please note that no actual pig farmers were harmed in the making of this post...

All Aboard!

ok.. we're back in business today. I took yesterday to love and coddle the kids, and most importantly, to lay low (figuratively and literally... didn't want to risk another fall!).

I *DO* want to thank all of the readers who either posted some love, shared a story, or just plain chose to NOT state the obvious of how I should never leave a baby unattended. cause you know.. no shit. Anyways.. all continues to be fine here in Fever Falls... so let's just mosey on, shall we?

So last night, troy and I were watching some TV. Summertime is TYPICALLY our chance to burn through our mile-long queue on Netfilx... what with summer tv programming SUCKING and everything. But last night we were actually watching the tube.

each week we tune in to watch Hell's Kitchen, and So You Think You Can Dance. (Listen... you might not like Chef Ramsey or the dancers, but I've openly admitted to being a big fan of VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York in the past, so yes... you CAN believe that I *DO* watch that crap! )

anyways.. my REAL point today is that after the dance show, there was a show on fox that had something to do with singing songs and not forgetting the lyrics. no biggie... typical summer tv. I suspect next summer will have a show called "try to catch the live, greased animal".. but again, that's neither here nor there. at least not this summer.

SO yeah, the singing show. Anyone else notice that there was another show with the EXACT same premise on just a half hour earlier on NBC?? (ps.. the nbc one sucked, but I think they borrowed the dancers that were on Shatner's show for like a minute...) oh, and for the record.... the host of the nbc show is a total jack-off. and WHO is he??? I should google him, but that would require extra effort.

what is it with hollywood and multiple networks or movie moguls pimping out the same idea at the same time?? right now it's the lyrics theme on tv... but in the past I recall movies with natural disaster themes (Armageddon and the other meteor-crash movie...) Illusionist and the Prestige were out at the same time... Broke back mountain and "my husband goes away on gay fishing trips"... oh wait.. that was just the name of Mrs McGreevey's blog . and of course... tv. apprentice, martha's apprentice, hell's kitchen... same shit, different channel.

oh well.. I'd go on, but I have my own little re-occurring theme going on. Apparently, both kids are putting out their own spin of "I need your attention right NOW, mama!!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

...And down will come baby....

...changing table and all.

so let me preface this post by saying that he's ok.

long story short, Danny ended up head-first into his hamper last night, despite being buckled into his changing table. (I needed a clean onesie and his pjs, but because I just did laundry that day, they were in a basket in rhena's room, so I gave danny a toy, strapped his ass down into the changing pad, and headed to rhena's room for the change of clothes. as I was walking back to danny's room, I heard a sickening THUD. I discovered Danny head-first in his empty hamper, changing pad still on the table, strap still buckled shut.)

After I pulled him out, stripped him down to his diaper to check for broken or bruised anythings, I did cry for about an hour... him? maybe a minute, if that.

Overall, I am just completely exhausted today. from the emotional stress, to the physical wear and tear of not sleeping, because I was at his crib-side for any and all noises he made last night.

I am BEYOND thankful for his well being (not a scratch, bump or bruise!) , for Troy being the best husband and father EVER (not only did he take care of Rhena, but calmed MY hysterical ass down and not once tried to pull the 'how the fuck did you let THAT happen' card on me), for having a pediatrician as a friend and next-door neighbor (she gave danny a full exam and told me exactly how to monitor him throughout the evening) and just thankful in general because he is my precious baby Daniel, and I would just as soon have my own skin ripped off than to see him hurt in any way.

I'll be back to my regular bitching and moaning tomorrow. today I'm just going to be thankful. and you know... change Danny on the floor.

I'll tumble for you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

EASILY my favoritest picture ever

not sure if it's the "seriously.. I'm trying to poop here, mama! will you put that damn thing away" look she's giving me, or just the fact that her hair is pretty much its own life force, but I love love love this picture.

She is TOTALLY gonna hate me someday for this.....


Every once in a while, I think I have a good idea.

(anyone who really knows me will begin laughing at this point)

so my recent GRAND idea involved ebay. I'll admit that I'm a bit behind the times when it comes to ebay. I've never sold anything before, and I only bought something once, cause we needed an 80's style cassette player walkman to give away as a gag gift for a christmas social.... but ANYWAYS....

so Troy, being the computer dude that he is... had some extra copies of windows Vista and Office Ultimate kicking around.

(I'll give you a minute or two to check those links and see how much those bitches sell for)

did I mention he had an extra copy of each? did you SEE how much those bitches sell for?

so I'm all.. hell YEAH we're gonna sell them on ebay!! make money money money, MAKE money money!!!

(pardon me for the ghetto explosion.. coffee must be kicking in...)

So yeah.. to quote the Cranberries.... so I went ahead and started me an auction.

oooooh, stupid stupid me.

so the auction itself wasn't bad. I listed them for 7 days, and for 7 days I religiously (ok.. more like fiendishly... bordering on crack-addiction-like) checked their listings to see who was bidding and for how much. I answered questions as they came in! I was PLEASANT!!! look at me.. I'm so E-bay I could puke!!!

so finally the auctions end, and we get like $200 for one, and $250 for the other. SHA-WING! The idea alone almost eased the pain of the washer breaking and the landscaping we still have to buy for the financial adventure called our backyard.

So ok.. I send the software to the auction winners... and now it's time for me to collect the money from pay-pal.

oh.. I'm SORRY. did I say pay-PAL?? (close your eyes, kids...) more like Pay-asshole-motherfuckers-we're-gonna-put-a-limitation-on-your-account-and-make-you-squeeze-water-from-a-stone-and-donate-an-organ-before-we-release-your-account-to-REQUEST-that-you-receive-the-money-in-4 to 5 business days-that-has-now-been-sitting-stagnant-for-3-weeks?????


I just want my money.

at this point, I'm waiting for ANOTHER review of my account, cause there's still a limitation on it. (original limitation was put on because I had "unusually high activity". uh, HELLO? I just OPENED the damn account... I do 2 transactions, and that's unusually HIGH? well, uh, maybe compared to the ZERO activity I had before ACTIVATING the crap-assed thing!) SO it takes them 24-72 hours to review my account every time I call them. If I got the magic combination right this time, I will find out anywhere from 1-3 days from now, THEN I can apply to have my money transferred to my bank account, which takes 4-5 business days. but again.. that's if, and only IF... the limitations finally get lifted. if not, I'm back to square one again.

I wonder if, when all is said and done, I'll get a free t-shirt that says "dance, monkey, dance!!"


Monday, July 09, 2007


ok... this is going to be another one of those "is it just me" posts.

so I was slopping some breakfast mush into danny this morning, while coming to life with the help of some coffee. Rhena was in the other room, watching some episode of Higglytown Heroes that even *I* can recite by heart for the amount of times she's seen it.

ANYWAYS.. I decided that it was a good time to go through yesterday's batch of coupons. I love me some coupons. ok, ok... what I REALLY love is when I have a coupon for an item that's being promoted for an in-store sale, so I get a discount on a discount. ok, ok... what I REALLY REALLY love is when the coupon is for less than a dollar off, too, cause my food store doubles those coupons. Did I ever tell you about the one time I got paid $0.35 for taking a box of macaroni and cheese home???? yeah... (and listen.. I KNOW it's pathetic that I get so excited about coupons, but it's not like I'm out on the party circuit, ya know... saving money makes me happy!!)

so yeah... I'm going through my coupons this week... flipping through the ads, imagining what a happy happy life I'll have if I just use such and such products. I imagine that my teeth will be THAT bright if I buy this toothpaste, and my period will be THAT MUCH less bloody if using those tampons. ok, sorry.. that was over the line, but since I'm making an aside... three cheers to P&G for only having one sheet of coupons on the weekend of Live Earth, as compared to the other coupon flyers that each had approximately 15-20 pages with one or two coupons per page. It probably wasn't their intent to save resources as much as it was their own decision to cut some costs in producing their coupons, but either way... I appreciate seeing less waste.

ok.. so back to creepy.

I saw an ad for this doll called Maya. It's one of those lifelike dolls. one of those creepy, lifelike, BABY dolls. The kind you see all over the crazy-lady's house in horror movies. you know.. one of THESE dolls.

is it me, or what? I mean... I just.. I dunno. I was trying, and I mean REALLY trying to think of a good reason to have one of these things. I got nothing.

Maybe you just need to have the collectible bone in you. I mean, let's face it.. there's people that collect things, and there's people who don't. I mean, I imagine on some levels each one of us has something that we feel warrants going out and purchasing or saving. But I'm still going to say that there's a big difference between someone keeping a memento (collecting concert ticket stubs, the corks from favorite bottles of wine, postcards from cities one has travelled to) and a person that likes something and goes out and obsessively purchases/obtains of a particular topic.

Having once been a teenager who spent every spare dollar on any article that emblazoned the images or likenesses of Duran Duran, INXS, and 'hot shirtless guys'... I do understand the aspect of really really liking something and just wanting to have A LOT of that particular item in your life. But shouldn't there be an age limit on when this type of obsession is no longer acceptable? or finally BECOMES acceptable again?

And I KNOW that there'll be some folks out there that will agree that the baby-dolls are creepy, but make sure they put away some extra cash for that longaberger basket they've been eyeing up, or star wars figurine, or christmas ornament. Hell... I'll admit it.. I do scour whatever place I'm visiting for a christmas ornament to remember the trip by. so maybe I'm a bit of a hypocrite.

But something about collecting life-like replicas of NEWBORNS just screams creepy. And more to the point.. what are these people DOING with them once they get them? glass cases? mock-nurseries? worse yet.. PLAYING with them? yeah... I gotta go with creepy.

oh well.. speaking of playing.. I have my own 'dolls' to attend to.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mother of all Birthdays

Today is my mom's birthday.

There's so many ways I could go with my thoughts for this post, but yet here I sit, watching the cursor blink. (well, except right now, cause I guess I'm typing... but you know what I mean....)

First and foremost.. let's just recognize the importance of the day. Aside from my mother being a wonderful and loving soul, SHE gave birth to ME.... so if she hadn't been born, then well, you know that saying about shit rolling downhill.... so yeah. as I live and breathe, I'm happy for the birth of my mother.

One blog post is not nearly enough to capture the essence NOR pay tribute to the relationship I have with my mother. Indeed, like life, our relationship is vast, and ever changing.

We have our similarities and definitely our differences. there's laughter, love, respect... sometimes an eye-roll or two, PROBABLY a snarl here and there, and more than a few tears have been shed over the years.

But one thing remains the same no matter how old we get or where I live; her presence in my life is abundant. and that's a good thing.

again... I can't even scratch the surface of describing one of the most notable women in my life. You'll just have to trust me when I say that when it comes to my mom.... "everything" is just the beginning.

Happy birthday, Ma.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


yeah. so Live Earth?

is it me, or am I the only one wondering what in HELL Kayne West was doing up on stage with the Police?


A post NOT about my kids

last night, troy and I were watching 20/20. I think he has a thing for John Stossel; he's bought John's book, the one about lies and stupidity... and always seems to get a gleam in his eye when watching one of the "give me a break' features.

Anyways.. I'm ok with it. I dig John. he's FAR easier on the eye than that FREAK of a zombie, Keith Morrison.

Anyways.. the feature last night was about that chick, Mary Winkler. She was married to some preacher. the long and short of it is that Mary shot her husband in the back while he slept.

Now, after watching the feature, I definitely feel like the husband was an asshole royale.... but did he deserve to be SHOT? not exactly the path I would have gone down.

So apparently Mary only has to serve about 3 years in jail, most of which are already done, what with being locked up during trials and stuff. NOW she's about to go out and seek custody of her three girls.

mmmm, is it ME, or does giving three girls to a woman who SHOT A MAN IN HIS SLEEP sound like maybe not such a great idea???

ok.. again.. two sides of the story... yeah yeah. he was abusive.. emotionally and perhaps physically. and he was an asshole for sure. but yet she stayed in the relationship. and then KILLED the man??? what in HELL is she going to do to her daughters when they become the self-righteous-all-knowing-and-throw-in-a-case-of-PMS-once-a-month TEENAGERS???

I know I'm not a psychiatrist or anything, but if Mary Mary was so unstable that her only resolve to her problematic marriage is through murder (sorry.. I believe it was ruled as voluntary manslaughter)... I sure hope the courts won't think she'll handle the MIND-FUCK otherwise known as motherhood any better.

NOW... I'm not completely heartless here. I do understand that a child should know their parents... but when mommy kills daddy... you think maybe the child can wait a little while ( ...like til they are 18?) til gun-toting Annie is in charge of bedtime stories again?

*sigh*. that's all I got. it's just a sad story, where the real victims are the daughters.

sad sad sad.

Friday, July 06, 2007

in the wee small hours of the morning

Danny was up early today.

I'm not going to get into how I'm really really trying to teach him that it's ok to sleep through the night right now, cause that's just a sad sad topic. period.

Anyway.. he was up at 6am, so I decided to hit the streets.

we got a good 20 minute walk in, and while I have to clock the mileage, I think we did a little over a mile and a half. not bad. definitely a good way to get the blood pumping for the day. oh, and to burn off the big-assed sandwich, beer, and two cookies I had for dinner the night before.

it's interesting what a different place stepford is in the morning. It's so quiet. I love it!

no screaming kids, no gossiping hens, no toothpaste commercial smiles on every corner with their perfectly practiced queen's waves.

don't get me wrong.. I actually do like the elements of stepford that make it, well.. stepford. I ENJOY the friendliness and sense of community... the warm and welcoming smiles, the friendly banter...

but I also like to be left alone occasionally. especially after a long night of screaming and crying. actually gives me a chance to think.

so today I was thinking about friends. Granted, I've been thinking about them for a while now, but this morning, I was thinking about certain friends that I haven't seen in a while, then I started thinking about some friends that have been around the whole time.

it's funny how you can have friends that things are always good with, others that you kinda get into a rut and go on auto-pilot, then others still that were always kind of there all along, but recently you realize just how very similar you are with them and you wonder why in hell you're not at their house right now drinking coffee.

but I guess in some respects, the friendships I have and maintain are just reflections of my own life as it has its ups and downs. ... and the wheels go round and round....

ok. that's enough babble. I guess I'm just saying that it was a nice walk this morning. Nicer still when I got home and was able to unstrap the Moose from my chest. you don't think about what a difference losing 20 pounds is until you strap it on, have it bounce around for 20 minutes. Hard to realize I had that much extra bouncing around for about 7 YEARS. yikes!

happy friday, gang!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

pulse point

yeah, yeah... I'm still here.

good news, Susie had her baby boy last Friday... all is well. We here at the Fever are totally in love already, and we haven't even met him yet!

Seamus Daniel.

(that's pronounced Shay-mus, for all you non-Irish folk out there)

congrats to my Lovah and her entire family. Truly, they are blessed.

ok. moving on.

Camp "Keep the panties dry" is thriving. there have been many many funny sayings these last few weeks alone, and I almost wish I had written them down. However, given Rhena's insistence of just how "berry punny" she is, I don't think we're at the end of her off-the-cuff remarks. I almost think I need to start another blog entitled "Actually..." where the entries would all consist of her sayings.

but that's an ALMOST. cause doing so would require more work on my part, and in case you can't tell.. I'm not exactly pumping out the writing over here these days. so yeah. almost.

I've been missing things lately. and not the missing things like last year when rhena would hijack things from my vanity drawer and hide them.. I mean people.

My friends. I really REALLY miss my friends.

BTW---- Debbie J--- seeking an echo, momma. e-mail me your number in colorado... please!

I've been so busy with trying to get through each day that I've once again disappeared off the map. And the only thing that I can honestly say I've gained is the insight as to why everyone nags couples about when they're going to have kids.

I THINK.. and I could be wrong.. but I THINK the reason why so many people (read as 'established couples with children of their own') constantly badger other people (read as 'single people or newly formed-slash-newly-married-but-still-no-kids-couples) about when they will have kids is not because they love a good baby story.. it's cause they're looking to absolve some of their own GUILT!!

people... I've become a REAL ASSHOLE. I am SO CONSUMED with my own life, that I have NOT been a good friend. I've missed birthdays, weddings, graduations, parties, housewarmings... you name it. but a-hah!!! when the 'miss-ee' has children.. THEY UNDERSTAND why you're a total fart-knocker and haven't been around on the regular. Most of the time, cause they've been there/done that/still doing that themselves, and realize that when you only get 15 minutes of silence a day between the hours of 6:30am and 7pm (wait, no.. baby's crying again.. ok... 8pm.. oh, wait, no.. there he goes again, shit.. make that NINEpm) anyways.. when free time is limited...it's understandable when you miss shit.

So to all of the two readers I have out there that haven't been scared off by my redundant tales of mommy-dom... just know that if someone asks you when you're having kids.. it's most likely cause they feel like a jackass for forgetting you, and want you to have kids to even the score a little.

well, except me. it's no secret that I've been missing shit cause my head has been up my ass for a while now. And I really do love a good baby story.

hope all is well, everyone. I need to go fishing under the couch for some lost toys. and maybe my sanity. I know it's got to be around here SOMEWHERE.