Saturday, January 24, 2009

Date night!

so one of the things I touched on in the new year's letter to friends and family is that Troy and I are going to start having a monthly date night. I'm proud to say that tonight we have reservations at Ruth Chris, and I have a dress that miraculously still fits me after all the eating I've done this Christmas. ok.. so no miracle.. it's a stretchy material, and I bought it in the REGULAR women's size instead of the petite size. but still! even in the regular size it's a very single digit size, so that's good.

I could go on a really long tangent about my deep-rooted fear of become crazy fat again like I was when I was in nevada. and some people could easily get pissed off or more so have no sympathy cause my neurotic self-image makes me feel that me in a size 10 is absolutely disgusting, and for a while I was packing size 12s in nevada. this is not to say that I look at someone who may be a certain size with utter disdain. just myself.

but this is my blog and my issues, and I'm telling you my petite 4s are not fitting me and I feel fat. but hooray for psycho-crazy mind games... the dress I'm wearing tonight is a 4... albeit REGULAR size 4... but that knowledge that I can still wear a size 4 combined with a glass or two of wine will allow me to push through my OTHER deep rooted issues of lacking any semblance of a sex drive and perhaps.. just perhaps have a conjugal visit with my husband. just sayin'.

ok. not bad. only a short tangent.

so anyways. date night! tonight! babysitter.. SCHEDULED! annnd... the best part? well, not sure if this is the best part or just another really good part or what.. BUT... I already have our babysitter lined up for a date night in February! woooo! (see? TOTAL "WOO!" girl, I am, I am!) so yeah.. 2 for 2! this is big, people!

last year we gave ourselves a goal of going to 6... only SIX restaurants over the course of a year together. we went to 3. THREE. over a WHOLE YEAR. and only ONE of the restaurants was together. not good, dude.

so our date is tonight (WOOO!), and next month, our date is on valentine's day. TOTALLY corny, I know... but??? but! I have NEVER been on a date for valentine's day in MY LIFE. I have been out drinking... I have been home crying, I have been home sick, pregnant, or otherwise tending to a child in some form of distress... but never out with my man on the day itself.

so next month we continue our journey into LIVING together by having a date on V-day. again.. corny, I know. but corn is a vegetable, and I need to be on a diet, and vegetables are good for diets, so bring on the corn.

and wine.

you know... just a glass or two.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back in Black

New year, huh?

I suppose it is. For that... hooray. I always like starting a new year. not as much as celebrating my birthday or going out to dinner... but new years work for me.

As you can see... I canned the pink. it'll be back, cause let's face it.. I do love pink. but for now... I'm working the black. It's slimming, no?

This is going to be another re-building year for me, gang. let's face it.. Rachel passing away flat out knocked me on my ass. I'm still nowhere near ok with her being gone... but I gotta get moving again. I was consumed with guilt a lot these past three months... and overall just lost and paralyzed. wait.. have I said this before? either way. it is what it is.

I sent out New Year's cards (instead of the christmas card) and included a letter to our friends and family in which I touched on some resolutions and the general state of life here in the house o' cze-johnson.

I'd talk about them now, but most of the few left who still check here probably already GOT the card, and really? I just wanted to get this obligatory first post over with. oh, and apparently one of the batteries in a fire alarm is going out, cause I hear a chirping.. a loud, ear-piercing CHIRPING which will SURELY wake up the sleeping child whom shall remain nameless but holy good LORD I need that boy to be napping right now... so I'm gonna go get that taken care of. that chirping needs to stop.

cause you know... naps are good. mommy NEEDS the kids to nap.

just sayin'.