Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Add another candle....

So at what point are you considered 'over the hill' ????

yes.... as it stands, dear readers- today.... I am yet another year older. I think I'm in the dead zone, though. Not as in I'm-so-old-I'm-almost-dead, but in the this-really-isn't-a-significant-birthday years.

Not that I think my birthday isn't significant---- on the contrary!!!! My birthday ROCKS!!!! it's just... 32? eh--- BORING! the ability to drive, drink, rent cars..... been there, done that.

so while my NUMBER birthday isn't very exciting, I'd like to focus on the sheer fact that today is the anniversary of MY BIRTH!

I mean, yeah, sure--- other people have their b-days today... whoopdee-doo!


I'm not looking for gifts on my b-day anymore... I really do have all I could want. But there is something very heartwarming (read : ego-boosting) about having people wish me a happy birthday. Even if they're just saying it to be polite, I'll shamelessly take it as acknowledgement that the world is better off because I'm here.

shee-it... I don't need 'it's a wonderful life' to know that. I know I've impacted people... just as much as other people have impacted MY life. I mean, that's the way it works, right? at least if you have a heartbeat, anyway...

I suppose I should really be giving the credit to my mom. she's the one that did all the work 32 years ago. I *do* give thanks to her... all the time, actually. She and my dad are definitely the root of all my happiness, if you really think about it. And no--- I'm not saying this because I plan on stealing Rhena's thunder on HER b-day....

(but nor do I plan on letting any acknowledgement slip from ME today....)

I'm just saying that if it weren't for my parents, I wouldn't be here, which means I couldn't be happy, which ALSO means who would be complaining to y'all on a regular basis? well--- I bet lots of people would complain, but not like me.

Let's face it... sometimes you read this blog and get happy. WHY you get happy is irrelevant. be it because you're glad you're not going through what I'm going through, or because finally someone else can relate, or just cause I'm cute. (sorry... I just threw that in there...) I know you know what I'm talking about though.

Let's face it... I'm special! I mean, sure, we all are in our own way, but this blog is about me, so.... like I said--- I'm special and it's my b-day, so bring on the wishes!

The producers of this site would like to apologize for the overdose of ego-maniacism displayed in this entry, and would like to ensure the reading public that future entries will return to normal dosages of ego from the resident writer. Thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

The world is DEFINITELY a better place because you are in it! Happy, happy birthday to you, my dear friend. You are such a warm, wonderful, and caring person. And I promise that I am not just saying that to boost your ego! Have a great day and enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Carrie.
I hope you get all you ever wished for...what you don't already have anyway. ;)

Love you!


Porq said...

Happy two -ahh !! Happy two-ahhh!!
Happy two -ahh two - ahhhhh!!
Happy two -ahh



Love ya poo-poo head