Thursday, December 09, 2004


Well, I've had plenty of time to think of blog material in my hiatus.

Troy's monitor blew up, so he had been using the laptop. During this time, I rejoined the makeup mafia, took some pictures of Rhena, put up our christmas tree, wrote some Christening thank you's, took some more pictures of Rhena, made all the favors for the upcoming social, cleaned the house, put the house on the market, took even MORE pictures of Rhena, wrote some more thank you's, then figured I should take a few pictures of Rhena.

Wrap me up! It's not that I like taking pictures of the kid or anything, but she IS the firstborn, and if I don't use up half of the hard drive by the time she's six months old, I might lose my license or something.

But she is pretty darn cute, and her nose is smaller than the riendeer's, so I figured what the heck.

So in other news.... today is Troy's birthday. He made it to the 35 year mark. If you don't find some wonder in this feat, you must not know Troy.

Tomorrow is another Christmas social. It'll be the last one here in Nevada. While there are some twinges of sadness that go along with knowing that we'll be leaving yet another set of some really great friends..... It's pretty exciting to think that next year at this time, we'll be on the east coast.

I can't say what the 'grand prize' is yet this year, but I can say that the favors are hand-made candles. I can also say I must have been caught in some post-partum mental breakdown when I thought that making candles as a favor would be a good idea. For the record, I would like everyone to know that Martha Stewart I am not. No, really---- jail jokes aside.... if she REALLY does/did all the crap she promotes in her magazines and on her shows, I have to give her credit.

I suppose it would have been faster or easier if I had a chainsaw or heated knife to cut through the monstrous block of wax, but alas... no such nifty gadgets for me. I was left hacking away with a dull bread knife while Rhena squealed in delight of the sight of her mommy breaking a sweat. But I digress. the candle-making took some effort. Next time I'll just go to K-mart and let Martha earn back some lost time.

Lastly, while I'm out giving credit... I have to hand it to my parents.... they have definitely topped themselves this time. Their Christmas gift to us (the Johnson trio and the Roselle Park gang) is a week-long vacation in Disney World over the Easter Holiday. That's right--- Derek and Dawn, Dara, Delaney and Damian... Me, Troy and Rhena and the folks. let me repeat....





My parents freaking ROCK. March 24th can't get here soon enough.

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