Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sunday Bloody Sunday

So today while I was taking my shower, my nose started bleeding.


did I get any sympathy from my husband? no. all I got was... "you need to drink more water. it' s dry here."


no shit, Sherlock!

he must have been brainfarting, cause if there's one thing I've made abundantly clear in our years together is that the only thing I hate more than the SIGHT of my own blood is the TASTE of my own blood!!!

I mean... again, I say--- EWWWWW!!!!

so as I stood in my torture chamber of rain, gagging on the residual blood dripping down the back of my throat, desperately pinching my nose in hopes to stop the hemorraging, he went about his business. As I gagged louder, clutching the shower walls for support in my tomb of terror, he left the room.

I don't think he even blinked.

even later, when I went into his office with tissues stuck up my nose (with some bloody parts hanging out for effect).... I got nothing.

He must have forgotten that I'm the mother of his child... that I carried her in my WOMB for NINE MONTHS.... through the blistering heat of this God-forsaken shadeless state in summer time.......

and to that---- He must have forgotten that I MOVED TO RENO for him.... leaving my happy life in Seattle to settle among the red-necked-white-trashed-80's- junkies-reunion capital of the world.....

He must have forgotten that I wash his dirty underwear and sweat-soaked clothes on a regular basis....

I mean, c'mon.... what's a girl got to do to get an "awww, you poor thing..." around here????

oh well... my complaining is for naught... he never reads this blog, anyway. But don't worry, dear readers... I'm fine. I think I only lost a pint or so.

*sigh* ...I guess I'll just go drink more water.

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Mr. Apropos said...

I quote Ralph[1]: "The doctor said I
wouldn't have so many nose bleeds if I kept my finger outta there"