Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Led Zepplin--- makes babies happy!

Dear Readers----

I have a secret! wanna hear it? ok--- but only if you pull your screen in close and promise not to tell.....


ok... here it is.....


that's right--- the Purple Dinosaur, Queer Wiggling Quartet and Strange Blob Industry are in cahoots with each other and are keeping a vital piece of information from their begrudgingly listening adult public. But I'm here to bust that door wiiiiide open!

I mean, yes--- kids like music... even moreso... kids like people who dance crazy. (enter cartoony dinosaurs, four guys who dress funny and colorful blobs) but what is more appealing to our youngsters? the MUSIC or watching people make fools of themselves?

I don't think we're giving the babes of today enough credit. They're products of a very cynical world, and I can bet a whole quarter that they're hip to our game. I really think they enjoy kicking back and being entertained just as much as us CSI junkies. SO while us parents are tuckered out from working all day, or feeding the kid all night... it's easy to flip on the TV and let someone else do the entertaining.

But I can't help but wonder if I found some concert footage of Led Zepplin and played it for my monster if she wouldn't be just as happy, if not HAPPIER, cause at least she's listening to some damn good tunes. I mean... Robert Plant was a crazy mo'fo, and by ANY standards, you could call his dance moves entertaining, if not wildly eccentric and trippy. Hell, I'd even venture to say he's speaking baby language with all those multi-pitched screams... don't believe me? go on... put on Immigrant Song.... see what happens! (no really... click on it... )

Now I'm not condoning encouraging the kiddies to spark up and chill to Stairway to Heaven all day, but I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with letting the kids know there's more music out there other than Disney. Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Aerosmith, Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock, Frank Sinatra, and let's not forget disco!!! you want a crazy dance?? DO THE HUSTLE!

Point is this.... like it says in this great book I received, called The Three Martini Playdate.... sooner or later, the youngin' is going to find a song that they must absolutely hear over and over (and over.. and over...) again.... might as well be a song you like, too! ESPECIALLY if you're going to have to dance to it, too!

So rock on, dear friends.... and be happy next Christmas when the little tike asks for Earth, Wind and Fire's Greatest Hits, and not some wiggling guitar that is impossible to find anywhere online except for e-bay.

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