Friday, November 26, 2004


Well, I'd like to say I was too busy feeding homeless people and spreading good will towards mankind yesterday to post my thanksgiving thoughts, but the truth is that I was kinda busy stuffing my face and having a nice quiet day with my new family.

Today, however... there's plenty o' time for blogging.

there's also plenty o' thanks I should be giving this year, so I best get to typing.

But now that I think about it--- this isn't exactly the first page of my new book where I list my acknowledgements. Not that I think all of my blessings don't deserve a big loud whup-whup... I just don't feel like getting all mushy on ya here.

Believe me--- I'm very thankful for the life I have and all of the amazing things I've experienced this past year. I'm grateful for my husband and child for the love and happiness they give me on a daily basis... and far more appreciative of my family and friends than I actually let them know.

Let's face it--- we already know that I'm no saint.... but I have been Blessed. I don't need a day on the calendar to know that, though. I mean--- every day is a new adventure.

What do you mean, I can't have any turkey?!?!? speaking of adventures.... I will give a written whup whup to those pilgrims.... now THOSE were some crazy mo-fo's! I was watching a show on PBS... that reality show where people went to live in some cold-ass town in Massachusetts and live like the pilgrims did... built their own houses, established crops... all that stuff.

I wonder if they realized just how much their lives sucked. I don't think they did.... 'cause they thought they were living BETTER lives than when they were in merry ole England. Plus, they didn't have all the cool stuff we have today, so to that effect, I guess they wouldn't know better.

I wonder if I would have been able to survive that lifestyle. I doubt it. I mean, I'm all for a weekend adventure here and there, but a few months on a BOAT???? then get to this crummy land with not even a MALL in sight? yeah--- I'm gonna go with no.

Troy and I play a game every now and then where we pick an era and wonder what our lives would be like if we lived during that time. we haven't discussed pilgrim time, but we've already established that during the Little House on the prairie days, I would either be a saloon girl or a fat old lady name Liza Mae running a brothel. Somehow even in make-believe I don't mesh well with tendin' to the crops.

During prohibition, I'd have been a flapper girl.... during the 40's I'd be a dancehall girl or working in a casino..... Notice the trend? ...not exactly pilgrim-esque, if ya know what I mean. I suppose a few years later I could have been a witch in Salem, or some Hester Prinn-type.... but the pilgrim thing just doesn't line up.

I DO cook a mean turkey, though.... well, NOW I do, anyways--- (first thanksgiving ---and TURKEY, for that matter--- I ever cooked was the year I got engaged to Troy. Turkey looked FABULOUS on the outside, but more like a new sushi dish on the inside.... at least the mashed potatoes were good that year!) I suppose that should at least count for something, no?

So anyways---- my hats off to those who have struggled so I don't have to. Past and present, dead and alive.... I know you're out there.... so thanks.

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