Friday, November 05, 2004

Just Plane Crazy

ah, yes... another week down. My little booger is 7 weeks old today. crazy! the whole 'mom' thing still hasn't fully set in for me yet, but I suppose 7 weeks in the grand scheme of things is pretty much nothing, so I'm not sweating it.

I'm sure I'll feel like a mom the first time she dents my car just by 'washing' it for me.

but things are good. We're heading to jersey next week, and I'm very excited about this. excited... but also pretty nervous.

Am I REALLY ready to travel with a baby? Hell-- I have problems remembering to pack all of MY things..... so much for traveling without checking bags anymore.... I mean... this is no quick trip to the mall, people..... we're going ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!!

I can't help but wonder (read 'worry') about how she'll do on the plane. will the cabin pressure affect her? will the re-circulated air make her sick? how is the time change going to affect her?

She's a tough cookie, that's for sure, so I'm sure she'll be fine... but I am still just a little unnerved about the pending trip. I guess it'll be cool cause we get to board the plane first... and at least on the way there we don't have to change planes.

We have a layover in vegas.... but our little rebel has already been kicked out of a casino, so that pretty much cuts any fun time for mommy and daddy during those 2 hours.... Not sure I want her to see too much of vegas, anyway. I know what *I've* done in vegas... I can only imagine what TROY has done.....

let's just say Rhena is NEVER allowed to go to vegas unsupervised. EVER.

But I'm not worried about that yet... last I heard from Troy, she's not allowed to leave the house til she's 30.

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