Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Shots Heard 'round the World

Are your ears still ringing, dear readers?

yeah... mine are.

Today, my little monster got her shots. I was there to hold her hand and comfort her, and like a good daddy, Troy was there to hold mine and comfort ME.

I suppose it went well, once you get past the glass-shattering-10-minute-long-blood-curdling-I'm-serious-when-I-say-people-in-California-could-have-heard scream fest.

But like I said, after about ten minutes I was fine again.

nah--- I really didn't scream that long, but I did choke back a couple of tears while I watched my poor child look at me in horror as I held her hand and let a stranger stab her three times.

Actually, now that we're home, and she's gagging on the infant's tylenol I'm trying to give her for lingering pain... as I look back... it's kinda funny how red her entire head got while she screamed what was surely curses in infant-speak. I give her credit... when she's pissed, she puts her whole self into it. she's going to make a good wife someday--- I can just tell. well, that, or a drill sergeant. ... either one will work.

but yeah... today was tough.

She seems to be happy now, though.... her band-aid covered legs are kicking along to the music we're listening to. I'm more concerned how she'll fare over the next few days. --- I've heard that a lot of kids get sick after getting their shots.

I know at SOME point I'm going to have to deal with her getting sick, but her getting sick for the first time AND me trying to cook a turkey happening in the same week would just kinda suck in my opinion. --- Me thinking it would suck pretty much guarantees it'll happen, but you never know. ...Maybe God will throw us a curveball and have ME get sick instead.

Speaking of God.... we got the kid on Team Catholic last weekend. She's now officially open to getting guilt trips from anyone...

Kidding aside, though--- it was a nice day. As the priest poured the Holy Water over her head, I surrounded her with the same joyful hopes of what the future will bring that I fealt on our wedding day just a little over a year ago in the same church.

I looked out at the family and friends who joined us to witness our baby girl being received into the Church, and could sense the love they were so freely giving to a child many had just layed eyes on. What a beautiful feeling.

Like I said... it was a nice day. Unlike TODAY, which was a day I would have rather skipped in the parenthood 101 class. But in the end, it's all good. ...She won't remember a thing about these shots when she's older, and I learned that while she may not LOOK like me, she's just like me in that she hates cherry flavored liquid tylenol. ...I knew I liked this kid for a reason!

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