Sunday, June 10, 2007

ok... I can't stop.

now I'm pissed again.

at first I was pissed at HBO, at Chase, at the entire world affiliated with the Sopranos.

then I thought.. hmm.. that's profound. deep ending. not bad.

but I'm back to being pissed.


they FLASHED to the twins inside the car when Phil's freshly-dead body was GETTING ROLLED OVER. the twins were SMILING!!!! as they were running over their grandfather!!! (side note.. I could just be sick in the head or drank too much coffee, but I did find that scene to be leg-slapping hysterical...)

and these are the same writers that give us a "blank" ending??? I'm pissed again.

my last moments of sopranos was watching meadow not know how to park a fucking car???? watching AJ, Carm, and Tony eat onion rings????

I can't wait til tomorrow so I can cancel HBO finally. finale. BAH!!!


greekchickie said...

Ugh. Don't even get me started! I sat there with my mouth hanging open, wondering if my cable went out! I cannot believe they ended it this way!

I hear has been swarmed with complaints. I'll never watch this episode again (although, the Phil scene WAS hysterical!).


Choppzs said...

You should take to fantastagirl. She wrote about it too! lol I have no clue about the show@

susie said...

I'm so glad I stopped wathcing that show. I KNOW I'd be just as pissed as you. While that evaluation in your previous post makes a lot of sense. Seriously? That sucks. You'd think he'd see his wife or son get shot first.

Ok back to unpacking.

Christi said...

I stopped watching after they rolled of Phil's head. I was about to go to bed before that, and then that happened. Don't feel bad, I thought it was great, too! It was just sooooooo boring up to that point, and from what I hear, I didn't miss much after. So upsetting.

I was going to cancel HBO today, but then I realized I love Big Love.

Wethyb said...

I'm with Sissy...I've never seen that show :) I think Hubby catches it on reruns on one of the other channels sometimes though.

Buffy said...

Would you believe I've never watched an episode of the Sopranos.