Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sopranos Finale....

seriously. I call bullshit!

the sopranos????

THAT was how they ended what.. six YEARS???? (or is it seven, for all that time off for bad behavior?)

I'm calling bullshit. big, ugly.. weak-assed, pussyfooted crappola cappicola BULLSHIT.

I guess that HBO was right in that no one would be able to predict how it would end, because, oh wait.. it DIDN'T!!!!

I'm too pissed to even go on with going off about this.... but I am definitely disappointed.

tomorrow, when I'm done being pissed about the ending, I will recount how freaking hilarious many many scenes were. but for now... I still call bullshit!


edited at 10:44pm to add:::

ok.. in my on-line grasping at straws, I saw someone leave a comment on this page about the ending. the commenter stated the following:

I thought the implication was clear. Tony IS DEAD and WAS CLIPPED by someone. We the audience have always seen the episodes from Tony's point of view, and the blackened silence is what Tony sees and hears when he finally gets clipped. Remember the conversation with Bobby at the lake? "I wonder if you hear the one that gets you" - the final episode answers that question. That is why they flashed back to it at the end of last weeks episode. He never heard the one that killed him.

Posted by: themoodyblue on Sun Jun 10, 2007 10:26 pm

ok. I like that. I don't think it was all THAT clear... but I like that idea a helluva alot better than just just 'whatever'.

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