Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The most expensive week EVER

ever have one of those weeks where shit just can't HELP but to fall apart all around you???


so things started last week when our washing machine broke. on thursday. apparently, God decided that draining the water from the washer's drum would make shit a little too easy here at the appollo... so here I am, with a screaming moose and pooping boogie, and a shitload of water in the machine that won't drain. oh, and my folks on the way. sweet.

fine fine... take care of the kids... call sears and schedule an appointment for someone to come fix the damn thing, and finish cleaning the house so my parents don't personally witness what a chaotic mess the house can become.

sears says no one can come until monday. fine. well, not really fine, cause did I mention the screaming moose and pooping boogie? I'm pretty sure we have enough clothes to get us throuh til monday, barring any major illnesses and atomic spills, so let's just pray the machine will be fixed on monday.

ok fine. folks get in, and visiting begins. all is fine.

staurday morning, troy, my dad, and I go about roto-tilling the back yard so that we may assemble the son of satan... I mean this playset. 2 days of HARD ASSED labor, rhena's park was erected. did I mention the 40 bags of regular bark mulch and THIRTY bags of rubberized playground mulch??

yeah.. so anyway...

Monday, Troy's car kinda died on the way home from work. when I was cooking dinner. while my folks are here. ... the good news is that he was able to get it going and got home safely... more importantly, without us having to call a tow, and me truck my ass to the interstate to get him.

so tuesday didn't fare as well, cause the car REALLY died on his way to work. got it towed to the local honda dealer, and we waited on an estimate. the initial estimate came back at $600+ dollars to fix the timing belt and some other oil leaks. yeah yeah.. better than having to buy a new car... go ahead and fix the damn thing.

well.. I guess when they actually got under the hood to look at the stuff, it turns out shit was melted and fused together and now the DETAILED estimate of work was in the ballpark of $5k.

uh.. can I get a giant FUUUUUCK!!????!!!!

24 hours full of crying, heartburn, stress, more crying (this time by the kids, not me), ANOTHER missed bunco... we are now the owners of this truck.

I need a nap. and a night out. and then maybe another nap.

but now the chilluns are up, and it's go time again.

oh... remind me later to tell you about how you shouldn't leave standing water in your broken washing machine for 4 days while waiting for the repairman, cause your whole house and 50 ft perimeter of such will smell like rotten eggs. and as you pay the repair guy $250, you wonder if you'll ever walk into your house again without the smell of putrid ASS choking you.


greekchickie said...

Oh man, when it rains, it pours! Well, let's hope that all of that crap is behind y'all. The truck is SWEET! Congrats on that!


susie said...

Hang in there babe - it's almost the weekend again!

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Crap, I thought my life was chaotic. Maybe I need a trip to yours to throw me into a reality check allthough I should probably evict this pooping moose of my own first. Hey, at this point I'd swap you bodies for a month or so...

Christi said...

I need to let my hubby read this. My mom always spazzes out about the possibility of the timing belt breaking, and all the damage it can do. He thinks she's full of it. I hope the car was at least paid for before you had to go get a new truck.

What an awful week! I was thinking when I started reading how my week was just as bad. I got a ticket, popped a tire and had to buy two new ones, and had Taryn's birthday party (which I already couldn't afford!). However, I TOTALLY think you win!

Christi said...

Oh, but we'll be right over to play on the new backyard set-up!