Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No Monsters Allowed

funny how some sayings stick with you.

When I was a little girl, I firmly believed there were monsters in my closet. Naturally, this made it very difficult when it came down to sleeping at night.

My dad ingeniously wrote a sign that read "No Monsters Allowed" and taped it to my door, assuring me it would no longer be a problem, being that monsters were no longer allowed in my room.

Call me stupid, naive, or just plain young... but it worked.

Lately... the sign hasn't been working. Perhaps my monsters that hide in my closet in my adult life can't read... or perhaps they're too busy keeping me up at night to stop and read a damn sign. Either way... they're here, and they ain't leaving til I do something about it.

So one by one... I shall fight. and slowly but surely--- I will get through them all.

First one on my list right now is finishing up the thank you notes from Rhena's birthday. Of course, I had to make them myself... to match the invites, naturally..... but alas... the words still need to be penned, and envelopes sent.

So my dear readers... I bid you peace. I thank you again for the kind words of support during my little hiatus. I'll probably need more support in my journey ahead... but I'm ok with that. Nobody said fighting monsters would be easy.


dnyduck said...

You sound like me right now Carrie. I try to do more than I can handle sometimes because everything has to be just so.

For me right now it was trying to finish 2 quilt squares that are for a friendship quilt that is being made for one of my sorority sisters. My mom said to just use puffy paint and I told her no way would I do that because I hate how people did that on mine and now I have to use special care when "washing" my quilt. Plus embroidering the design on the square looks so much nicer.

Well....3 weeks later and I only have one square done....my moms. They were due on the 20th and the person making the quilt is calling. I finally decided just this morning to give in on some things and one of those things is my square....I will be buy puffy paint on my way home from work today.

Hope your monsters go away soon or at least you are able to make a compromise with them.

Love ya babe!

Jewl said...

Like the new Layout... Very cute.
We all have monsters to battle in some way, shape, or form. Mine right now is hubby being in Iraq and taking everything on by myself. It helps to take things one day at a time... little by little. I know it isn't the most original advise but it's been around for a reason.... it works. Just remember that we are all here to help you out, listen... whatever you need. Take care of yourself and know that you are being thought of.

john boy said...

Let me at 'em!

Here for you if you need to talk. Take care :)

Kari said...

I love your new template! It's so cute! Where do you get these? Are you making them your self? Uber talent!

Step-by-step...you'll get there. We're here for you, always and you're in all our thoughts.

Susie said...

Those monsters sure are cute! Feels free to send some my way. I hear they can be charmed with Moose Munch?

Porq said...

Thanks for getting rid of the bubbles. Your last "LOOK" took two minutes to load.

Talk about monsters?


You know I hate to waste time.

But anyway, thirty years later, if you need a new sign, you know I'll make one for you!


Porq said...


This new "LOOK" is just as slow as the damn bubbles!!

Talk about monsters!!!

Maybe we have "GRITS" filters on all PC's north of the Mason-Dixon line?? Gotta be something from the South????

HEY!! I still love you!


Angela said...

Go get 'em, girl. Don't forget that I have your back.

Katy said...

GrrrrrOWL!! Did that scare them away Carrie?

Hang in there!

Wethyb said...

Hope you win the battle soon. Hang in there! We're all here for you.

greekchickie said...

Hey gal~

I'm lovin' your new bloggy home! You are so talented..

It sounds like you have a slew of monster-fighters... you know we love ya.


Laina said...

UGH, I hate thank you notes. I always leave them until it'd just be weird to send them.

john boy said...

Hey, I've been missing you, so I tagged you to give you a reason to come by for a little visit :P

CheekyMoo said...

Monsters always chase us even as adults. You're a tough chick though full of a lot of love. I have no doubt in my mind you're going to come out of this on top.