Monday, September 12, 2005

3 days down...

ok, gang--- just thought I would pop up for air and let y'all know that I am indeed winning the battle of the boob.

I've now got 3 days down with no nursing. The hams feel like rocks, and I'm kinda looking like a run-down porn star, but Troy has been appreciating the gratuitous view when I get undressed each night.

Seriously, though... all is going well. I'm really hoping the hams will settle down in size.... exactly how long it takes for these bitches to dry up is beyond me... I've heard everything from a few days to a week or two. But other then spilling out of my tent... er... BRA, and mild soreness... it's not bad.

Susie should get a prize for tipping me off to the distraction faction..... it's been working. not so much for ME... but it's helping rhena's day pass.

speaking of the booger.... I had to do it.

everyone else I know has either had their own website to post videos, or have been using this YOU-Tube thingy...

so not to be outdone....The booger has made the big time.

here she is, taking a few VERY wobbly steps on her own.

If you're getting a red x cause my link-slash-code sucks.... here's a link to the site.

in other news, we now have our "mommy blogs too much" and goodnight johnboy gear, so I'll be posting pics soon. In the meantime, pop on over to my photoblog and check out booger in her tough-girl skater gear... CHAW!!!!

arright. Troy's grandmother is visiting, so I must entertain.

T-minus 5 days til booger's birthday and party. good shit. straight up good shit.


greekchickie said...

Ohhhhh RUUUNNN baby girl! She'll be running marathons before you know it!

Sending you a band-aid (or a sling) for your boobies!


john boy said...

That video was just too cute! :)

gina said...

OH MY GOSHHH how cute is she?? love her flailing her little arms and laughing. that is adorable.
hey, i think our invite to the party got lost.......? haven't gotten it yet..
have a good time entertaining. what a good granddaughter in law.

Melissa said...

She is so cute! You'll be getting your excercise chasing after her in no time!

Liza said...

BLESS!!!!! She's so adorable!! She is just sooo proud of herself :)

Wethyb said...

How cute is that???!!! I wish I could do that w/ mine!

My boobs hurt like crazy after I quit nursing too. It subsided after a few days and they shrank more than I wanted them to :)

CheekyMoo said...

I still you still haven't tried the cabbage. That was such good advice too. It really helps with the pain. They'll go down. Mine did! ;-)

That being said, Rhena is just adorable.

Susie said...

Go girl GO! Such a happy babe!

Glad the boobies are doing ok. I'd take Cheeky's assvice and get some cabbage. Everyone who does say it really works. If not maybe the smell takes your mind off it.

Cheers to the Christmas Hams - you done good, girls!

Marie said...

Oh, she is so CUTE!!

I'm glad to hear you are winning the battle of the boobs. ;) And I am sure hubby is enjoying the view.

Tee said...

Awh! Baby steps!!! :)

Good luck with the boobies. I love the new template and those bubbles. LOL.

Kari said...

Love the you tube, she's adorable!
Good luck with the hams!

Jewl said...

Good luck with the whole walking thing... Life just isn't the same afterwards!! LOL
I am totally going to copy with the video, thanks!!!
The video was so cute, what a little doll!

Christi said...

Poor you. She's walking now. You will never sit again. However, it is totally adorable!