Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A different kind of Match-Up

Now I bet you're all thinking I'm gonna get soft and charitable on you here.... and with good reason... I mean... like I've said before... there's plenty of things that we can be doing to help our fellow brothers and sisters in the Katrina affected areas.

But the answer is no.

No.... unfortunately, I'm back to being a selfish biatch for the moment.

Today, or this week, rather... I have my own little match-up going on...

I'm weaning Rhena.

Yeah... it's been time in my head for quite a while now... but Rhena has shown no signs of taking to a bottle. SINCE JANUARY.

so, she's been doing really good with her varying shapes of sippy cup things... so I tried to slip a little formula into one of those thingamabobbers. NO DICE. When Rhena tasted the formula, she gagged and cried as if someone was pulling her toes off.

So lately (past month or so) she's been snacking on whole milk, and since she's near that first-year milestone, I figured it would be ok to just stop nursing and give her whole milk.... without having to go through the gag-cry-scream-gag-formula routine again.

Now when I say ok, I mean it looks good on paper, and all things being equal, we shouldn't have a problem. Drinks milk... check. uses sippy thingamabobbers....check. Hungry in the morning.... check check check. ....Even Troy agreed it was a logical time, and how often does THAT happen??

so this morning, I tried to give Rhena a thingamabobber full of warm milk, instead of the glorious Christmas Hams.

oh, sorry... for those of you not familiar with my mammories; I've been referring to the milk-bags as Christmas Hams. They're about the same size (34DD) and Rhena takes to them in the same fashion as Tiny Tim with his new cane at Christmas Dinner... hence, the HAMS.

So after about 20 minutes of ear-bleeding screaming and choking on her own tears and snots, Rhena convinced us she wasn't quite ready to give up the Hams...

I mean... can you blame her??? LOOK at these pups!!! I could feed a small village off of these things!

So anyways... my challenge then becomes one of how I get her to go from the hams to the cup. without it being a traumatic experience for all involved. By October 14th.

First step I'm taking is to not nurse her AT ALL during the day... no matter how much she cries. Susie mentioned going somewhere for a distraction... so we're going to try going for walks. ...I still have 10 more pounds to lose, so walking is good. It's probably a better idea then what I had... which was to drink a few beers or wine coolers throughout the day which would REALLY prevent me from just giving in to her. Don't get me wrong.. I still LIKE the drinking idea better... but on paper and all that... the distraction method may be healthier. .....and at least I can legally and safely drive with that method.

Second step is to cut back my length of time I allow her on the hams in the morning and before bed.

the morning one I can deal with her not getting enough, cause she'll be awake, and I can give her the thingamabobber later if she's still hungry. the before-bed feeding is tricky, though... if she's hungry... will she wake up in the middle of the night? after over 6 months of sleeping through the night... do I really want to jinx this???

I mean, I KNOW the answer is that you do what you gotta do.... but that doesn't mean I'm not envious of the babies out there that decided on their own they were tired of nursing, or those that were switched over at a younger age, where they hadn't formed a strong opinion/attachment.

in the end, though... it's time. whether or not Rhena knows this or is willing to accept it easily... it is time.

No comments necessary, but if you want to cheer me on, please do. I imagine Johnson-ville is going to have 2 cranky bitches on its hands until we get settled in a new routine.... so if you're not going to be a supporter, then kindly please fuck off... I'm not in the mood for criticism. I'll gladly let you know when I'm ready to hear opinions again, but for now... if you ain't being nice.... you's gots to go elsewhere.

.....now where's my drink??? oops... I mean DISTRACTION......


greekchickie said...


Damn, no kidding! No wonder she's as happy as a pig in mud!


Good luck on the weaning.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new bloggy home!


Jodes said...

Carrie-o- Don't worry too much about the night feeding. The Bear will no longer take a bottle from someone to go down for a nap or at night and it hasn't seemed to matter. Leads me to believe that last night feeding isn't so much nitritive as comforting. My theory anyway... Good luck chicka! And please, let me know what happens to the hams when you are all done!

Susie said...

You can do it! so can rhena! Hope the distraction thing works - if not, you always have a back up plan! I'm here for you - we are working for the same deadline - sort of like studying for finals! Except I actually have to do work ahead of time. No all-nighters PLEASE GOD. XOXOs

Love the soothing feel of your new blog look!

Tay said...

WOAHHHHHH. That's all I have to say! LOL!

Laina said...

Honey, there are ten pounds just in those hams you're lugging around!

CheekyMoo said...

All I will say is I feel your pain. I remember trying to wean Max. I mean you think it's time when they ask for your hooters by name right? Phil used to tell Max "Those are mine!" And Max would cover both of them with his body while nursing to protect them. He was 14 months old then, and I was miserable.

Being that Rhena poses like a hottie, I think she's just trying to make sure you still have good cleavage. You can't blame her at all really.

ThoughtsGalore said...

YOu look so cuuuuuute! I'm back. I've had parents, cousins, mother in law (leaving tomorrow) and it gets a little like "Christie Suites" around here. Then with Katrina..ugh.

I'm baaaaack and with catch up tonight. :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Nice Rack!

Chief Slacker said...

That would be about the same as me with a picter of Jack and Coke. Why would I want to switch to sippy cup of some knock of brand whiskey ;O)

Katy said...

I'm here to cheer ya on Carrie!! Here's to smaller, saggier boobs. Just you wait, they will soon be hanging to your knees.

You will make it through this just fine and I promise, you won't have to give Rhena up for adoption.

Goodluck sweetie!

Christi said...

Hey Baby! Can I get your number, I seem to have lost mine?

Ummm, the beginning of your post is hard to read. It goes over into the sidebar. Is that only me? It could be Firefox.

Jewl said...

Hey Carrie.... LOVE the new look, it's great!
Ummm, the Crankyness will only get worse, trust me! LOL It doesn't matter if she is on the hams or not, it will happen either way!
Stay Strong, She will adjust, all babies do. Good Lucky Chicky, to both of you!!

PS, Nice Hams!

Liza said...

aww bless little Rhena :-)

Hefty girls :P

Good luck with the weaning! Such a funny word...weaning...it's like the verb for weinie, oh he's just weaning

LOVE the new look!!!

Wethyb said...

Wowsa! I wish mine were that size...lol. Good luck!

Cute new look!!!