Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You Heard it Here First

so last night.. Troy and I were watching American Idol. I do not know WHY we still watch it... paula irritates me, randy is a tool, and simon is just using the same script as last year. oh wait. I remember. Troy has a man-crush on Ryan Seacrest. but that's another post.

ANYWAYS.... so there we were... fast-forwarding through commercials as we always do, and having ourselves a good laugh almost every time I paused the fast forwarding. why? cause I always seem to catch people in a frame where their face looks like they're taking a shit.

Inspiration hit Troy, and he suggested we could make a GAME out of this little past-time of ours... with the goal being that you get points for every time you 'land' on a tv personality with a shit-face. multiple points if you catch more than one character/person with the face.

Then the game took a life of its own.

"SHITFACED!!!" I cried!! "we can call the game SHITFACED!!! and make it a DRINKING GAME!!!!"

(which, btw, is funny, since troy doesn't drink and yesterday's late afternoon beer was the first drink I'd had in well over a few weeks. but I digress.)

SO. here's the game. It's called "SHITFACED".

game begins when all players are in a room watching a pre-recorded show.

During commercial breaks, the remote gets passed from player to player. (depending on how young you are, or how responsible you need to be the next day.. you can opt for one player per commercial break, or each player getting a turn during each commercial break)

The Remote holder fast-forwards through the commercials, stopping/pausing the playback when the show resumes. IF the remote-holder stops the playback on a crowd-deemed 'shitface', then everyone ELSE takes a drink. if the remote holder pauses playback on a normal face.. then the remote holder takes a drink.

2 drinks must be taken if 2 characters have the 'shitface', 3 for three.. etc. bottom line, the remote holder takes a drink for every character NOT having a shit face, the other players take a drink for all those HAVING one.

now... one could totally get drunk... I mean creative... and add penalties for stopping the playback too soon or too late. or have 'social' rounds if the playback is stopped with NO people in it.

Anyways... you get the point. SHITFACED.

you heard it here first.



Anonymous said...

Dude. SOOOOO cannot want for JUNE!!!! Wish Troy were coming too.

Note to self: do not test this game night before baby's 1st birthday.Might be a bad idea.

Christi said...

I love DVR. I believe we will be playing this game in the very near future.

Marianna said...

Oh Lord... LOL


Christie said...

Isn't TiVo GREAT for watching American Idol-type shows? I can take a program that normally lasts 45 minutes (give or take a few) without commercials and pare it down to a nice five minutes. Sure I'm not watching the entire performances and I roll right past all but Simon's remarks, but I still get the touch of pop culture I need to converse with other people.