Thursday, May 08, 2008

Of Straw and Berries

yesterday I took the kids to a pick-your-own farm. It's peak strawberry season here in NC, so like we've done for the past 3 years.. we went and got ourselves some.

In terms of straw... the farm STILL maintains their petting zoo. I still maintain my utter disgust for the smell of animals. I *AM* happy to report that Rhena did not like the animal smell, either. love those little moments where she shows that she truly DID come from me. my next mission is to get her to have an extreme distaste for camping. but I have a feeling just a few years in girl scout oughta do just fine for making THAT apparent. Danny might be taking after troy, though. he seemed to LIKE the animals.

I was a little nervous having both kids with me, but I have to say they did great. Rhena was eager to tell everyone she encountered that it was important not to pick the green ones. only the RED ones.

danny pleased himself by carrying a basket the whole time. I would pick, hand it to him, and he would take care of the rest. That moo-moo. he's gonna be a good boy.

eventually I'll get my act together and share the pictures I've been taking on these excursions... but I've been distracted with other stuff. like how many ways to serve strawberries.

anyways.. it's just about bedtime here at the apollo, so I'll leave this at that and catch you another time. perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to post from our newly extended and composite re-finished deck.

a girl can hope.



Marianna said...

Such sweet kidlets! Kisses!


Liza said...

i want to go strawberry picking! fun!

Anonymous said...

SO SWEET! See now if I handed strawberries to Liam at that age "take care of it" meant something else entirely. They would be gone but none would be in the basket either. MYSTERIES! His red lips gave it away.

Choppzs said...

mmmmm, strawberries!

Man living out west sucks. I miss the east coast!

Elvis said...

because the one pic of Danny reminds me of it.

Click my name link to see what I'm talking about.


Erin said...

So Jealous! We wont have strawberries that we can pick until late June :(

Christi said...


Wethyb said...

I want some strawberry shortcake! Mmmmm!! Those kiddos are sooo darn cute!

Christie said...

I'm jealous. It'll be another month or so before we can do any picking in Oregon.