Monday, May 05, 2008

can't. keep. up.

It's monday, and I feel like I'm already in the weeds.

I have about 3 posts waiting to be completed for the baking blog.... but I'm having a hard time with the images. I got excited cause I realized I have a higher resolution setting on my camera that I wasn't using. unfortunately, it creates TIF files, and blogger doesn't seem to want to upload them. so now I'm thinking I need to convert back to jpegs?? I dunno.

I also have a NEW website layout in the beginning stages. Troy apparently is going to help me with it, but I'm not going to hold my breath just yet. I do have to look for domain availability, though.

Rhena currently has a list on her white board of things she wants to do. talk about keeping me accountable! today we're going to try to cross off the blue park from our list.

today is the last day of CCD. I thought LAST week was, so I was pretty bummed to find out I have to go again tonight. don't get me wrong.. I LIKE teaching.. I just thought we were done. and with troy's new job and him not being able to get home in time (translates to me having to shlep both kids with me to class until he can show up, bring the kids home and create a hurricane zone of destruction that I will ultimately be the one to clean up when I'd rather be watching HIMYM. ) and when I have to bring the kids with me, it means I ALSO end up having to drive his truck home. his big-assed hurkin truck.

I made some promises to people I need to make good on, too. and figure out some health insurance issues. people.. I am SO SICK of health insurance stuff. I LOVE that Troy has always had work and makes handsome sums of money for us to live comfortably, but one of the costs is me dealing with insurance companies every 3-6 months to make sure we are covered, other policies are terminated, bills are paid, and did I mention each call lasts no less than 20 minutes? bleh.

The deck construction starts this thursday, I have to secure a babysitter for memorial day weekend (please.. I know) because danny isn't allowed to attend rhena's recital.

but yet.. I sit here TYPING the things I should be doing instead of doing them. hmmm. and I wonder why I'm in the weeds.

so... have a wonderful day. and thank you to disney channel for reminding me that today is cinco de mayo. Talk about a sign that I'm officially a parent.


Anonymous said...

Totally hear you. Sometimes you have to keep your head down and plow through, mama! Good luck with it all! MWAH!!

Liza said...

i bet it'll be nice to have a break from ccd! before you know it, rhena will be in it and then you'll be double the ccd!

there was something else i was gonna say and now i can't remember so i have to go back and read your entry again LOL

Liza said...

oh ya, not many things take tif files because they are HUGE. that's what else i was gonna say.

Marianna said...

Thank you for the bday wish! And for the pressie!

You're too sweet to remember. Much love!