Friday, May 02, 2008

Little Finger

ok.. so much for my blogging break.. seems like whenever I actually acknowledge that I'm not blogging is when I have the urge to post.

oh well. and so is my life.

so today.. we had to take a trip up to the lumber yard.. for one, to take a look at the composite samples for our deck re-do we're planning. two.. to pay for the materials.

so yeah, no biggie. just another errand. of COURSE this means that I must have the kids in tow with me, so I tried, like I usually do.. to make this errand THE. MOST. EXCITING. THING. EVER!!!!!

by the time we left the house, Rhena was frothing a little at the idea of going to a LUMBER YARD!!! She told me no less than five times that she's never been to a bumber nard and she hopes she doesn't get wet. cause if she gets wet then she'll have to change her clothes and did we bring extra clothes momma?

This lumber yard, like many other businesses in the south, was a smaller, local distributor. well, not SMALL-SMALL... but not big-box like home depot or lowes. Small and Local in the south means old men work there. or old ladies, depending on the case, I suppose.

well, from the minute we rolled up, a certain gentleman named John was taken with Rhena. could be that she said "well, HELLO sir.. I'm BERRY happy to be here at your bumber nard." (Lumber Yard, Rhena.. Lumber Yard.) "oh yeah, sorry. wumber yard. It's BERRY nice here. can we go in??"

I kid you not, John introduced us to everyone that worked there. we got to see forklifts. we saw their storage racks. we saw every office within the main building. John was certainly pleased with his new friends and guests, and at one point he even had rhena telling each new worker how she spells her name. "Get a load of that, Frank? she can spell her name! I bet she might be smarter than you, Frank! Yeah, You're a smart girl, Rhena, yes you are!"

Rhena left the business with four pencils, two note pads, some candy and some new friends.

*I* left the place paying 5% less than my contractor told me I would, and a promise that they wouldn't deposit my check until I receive the materials on site next thursday.

sometimes.... it's good to be me.



partner in crime said...

freakin cute.
see you monday

Anonymous said...

I think it's good to have a Rhena.

Here we have a lot of "What's YOUR name? My name is Liam and I'm 3 and a half. That's my brother Seamus and he's just a baby. And that's my mommy. She just pooped in your bathroom."

Still charming... just different.

Wethyb said...

Sometimes it pays to have talkative kids eh??? Score 1 for Rhena and one for you :)

Christi said...

Sometimes, it's good that you raised your children so well! Well, all the time it is! Go Momma!

Christie said...

How do you keep up the energy to make things fun when they aren't necessarily so? Does it get easier when they can talk because at six months a fussy baby leads me to want to drive my car off a cliff Thelma and Louise-style.

Good job for you. And how great it must be to live in such a place.

Marianna said...

She's such a cutie! Can I borrow her next time I go shopping?


Elvis said...

Kid -
I be lovin it.

Sure, it may be the bottle of cuvee I just polished, but damn if I can't recognize that the Godchild ain't got what it takes.

And you know what I mean by that, in a Grandma Cz'ski kinda way.
To all those of you readers and watchers and speakers and such, our Grandma was THE people person before people peoples were labeled. She and her sis would go out, simply live the life, and let every person they come in contact with KNOW whom they experienced the factor with. Thus - you will have the reincarnation in hopefully a fuller form in my dearest Godchild - Rhena.

I do say she will have competition in my own offspring in all three in some form or another - but from recent posts, I must say dear Irene lives.

how's THAT for a post?

Liza said...

teehee bumber nard.

it's nice when your adorable kid can get you a better deal :D

Angela said...

That is awesome. Can you please let Rhena visit St. Louis this weekend? I have a big list of stuff I need to buy, and I am way short on the charm. :-)