Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're still here

been a busy past few days here at the Apollo.

in case you're wondering what exactly we DO all day when we're not out running errands or baking cookies.

well, I suppose it's more correct to say that this is an example of what we do AFTER we make cookies. (to get you caught up.. rhena and the floor got COVERED in flour, so I had the broom out to sweep, and had taken rhena's clothes off to shake them out. when I came back in to the house... this is what I saw.)

just another typical day, right? what have YOU been up to?



Anonymous said...

OH I LOVE THE APOLLO! I'm honking over here.

and Liam started jumping up and down with a finger trigger style in the air?!


Jodes said...

love it! tooooo funny. is 'hey mickey' in heavy rotation at the apollo?

Christi said...

Not much different here, except that we had to outlaw jumping on the couch when they started to fall apart!

Laura said...


They're so big!! And I love that squeaky little one laugh when Danny's jumping on the little couch...

LOVE IT. And I love that sage green on your walls, too.

Marianna said...

Well, dangit, I can't see the video! Hopefully soon when I get internet in my hooch!


partner in crime said...

love it. That girl's got a future. Just make sure she keeps her clothes on when she gets there. ;-)
Love the new-ish paint colors.
Miss you!

Liza said...

I am loving the socks and underwear look. Silly adorable kids :D

hanni said...

Rhena will *love* this video when she is 13.

Kelli said...

OMG can I move in to the apollo? That was adorable.

Wethyb said...

HAHA! It it totally what our house is like....the Princess dancing all over the place and not answering me when I ask a question. I can just imagine how it'll be after Pretty gets old enough to walk around w/ a broom :)