Thursday, October 20, 2005

Open Invitation, and other stuff I keep forgetting

ok... so I've been meaning to say this for a while... but for all of you who though Nessie could kick the Jersey Devil's ass.... I and the handful of other people with a clue openly invite you to spend a night in the Pine barrens wearing a t-shirt that says "I voted for Nessie".

Seriously. I mean... I need to make it known that if the Devil ever comes down to Georgia (yes, I know I'm in North Carolina.... but you have to PASS THROUGH here to get to Georgia...) anyways... if he ever heads south, I want him knowing I gave props, and he can skip dropping a reign of hell fire and spiked tails on our house.

Nessie. sheesh.

ok... so my bad... I was supposed to come up with a different monster match-up each week this month. oops. Truth is... I've been waaaaay too distracted to really sit down and blog these days. I mean... right now... I SHOULD be talking about all the stuff I've been forgetting to tell you-slash-write about... but all I can honestly think about are the different charlie brown movies.

Yeah. I know. I can't really explain it.... but here's a diagram of how things work in Carrie's world.....

well, then again... I guess I forgot the whole "make this stupid diagram" bubble.... but y'all get the idea. I'm DISTRACTED PEOPLE!!!!

and of course... now I've completely forgotten what I had wanted to say before when I said I was going to talk about stuff I keep forgetting. talk about irony.

oh well..... there's always later. besides.... the dryer buzzer just went off, so it must be time to wash the floor......?????


Marie said...

That's hilarious! And look at you getting all fancy with your diagram. I think Chief Slacker would be proud since he's all about graphs and charts. ;)

Hey, I changed my blog url yesterday. It's now I'll be posting fairly regularly again.

have a good day, chickie!

Pieces of Me said...

YOu are so funny girl!! I enjoyed the diagram! LOL!! Hope you have a good weekend...TTYL

Susie said...

Word. I hear you. I can never seem to go from blog idea to publish. So my postings end up tedious at best. Friggin DISTRACTIONS. But some of them are good distractions.

greekchickie said...

lol... you forgot to put

"Chase baby girl" in a bubble... lol


Lil Country said...

I can't freeking believe I missed the whole time you were out here! And no doubtedly like 5 minutes from my house! Then again I was like a thousand miles away laying on the beach which is now being ravaged by a hurricane in Mexico!
But I'da made sure I was atleast I was here for a day!!!!!

Snag nabit! Oh yeah, and I've begun some rambling posting again...but I'll email you the new blog...
xoxoxo! glad you made it home safe!

Kari said...

LMAO!! That is so how I feel!, that's it distracted!