Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday Match-up... Monster Mash

ok... it's October. Time to resurrect the Match-up.

I mean... I realize that with Halloween looming about, it's easy to celebrate doom and gloom... but the key word is CELEBRATE... not brood.

So anyways.. in honor of the month of October...(and my new blog look to boot) I've decided to re-institute the Monday Match-up... but this month will be all about Monsters. And villains and creepies and crawlies.... you get the idea. No nice guys this month.... only bad asses. (and NO, Cheeky... I'm NOT pinning you up against yourself this month. Bad ass you may be... but monster you are not. tough twiddles.)

I know I don't have any new readers since the last time I did a match-up... in fact, I'm almost positive there's a great deal LESS these days (and with good reason... lately I've been pretty depressing and stale to say the least...)

so yah yah yah..... back to the Match-Up. Don't think I need to re-state the rules. I Match.. you comment... someone wins. easy!

This week I want to focus on legendary Monsters. I originally wanted to Godzilla against something, but then I realized Godzilla would kick EVERYONE'S ass... so I had to broaden my search. SO being the egotistical maniac that I am... I had to figure a way to make it all about me.... or at least partly with some reference to me.

I digress.

This week.... I present a challenge in Mythical Legends..... I give you:

The New Jersey Devil


The Loch Ness Monster

if you've never heard of either of these creatures, I invite you to first... get out of the rock you've been hiding under for so long.... and second... click on their names to take you to informative websites. Like I said earlier... anything goes when it comes to criteria you feel is important for winning. Fear the water, so Nessy sends you screaming? fine. we'll take it. Did the Blair Witch Project and last season's Sopranos send you over the edge that states that NOTHING that happens in the woods can be good??? Let it out, my child.... your fears are safe here.

so have at it. let the comments fly. ( or swim... depending on who you're pulling for...)



Angela said...

If it is not Scottish, it's crap!

I take Nessie.

Love ya!


dnyduck said...

I'm with Ang here....gotta go with the Scots. Never even been to Jersey (sad, I know since Kev's family is there). So Nessie is my vote.

Glad to see ya back. Looking forward to really seeing ya in 2 weeks!

Susie said...

I'll take Lock Ness cause I love when Ang speaks wtih a brogue.

And cause I am FREAKED out by water beasts! I swim ok but not well enough to outswim a water monster. Eek!

greekchickie said...

Ditto... nessie.

Aren't the New Jersey Devils a hockey team? Aren't they on strike?

Or are they basketball? Yeah, I know I could click the link. But that takes all the fun outa it.


The Life of Bill said...

Being a "piney" gotta route for the home team-go get 'em Mrs. Shrowds little boy....

gina said...

the LNM FO SHO!!!

CheekyMoo said...

I'm going to buy a chupacabra for $500 alex. Goat suckers come on!!!!

Ok, I'll vote for real. Loch Ness. There you have it. Why? Well I have no good reason this week. Other than when I mentally made them fight the Loch Ness had some pretty kick ass moves.

Porq said...

Didn't read your blog until Tuesday Morning and I didn't even look at the other comments yet but there is NO DOUBT the Jersey Devil would whoop-ass on Nessie.

I mean, Nessie is shit scared of ANY shadow because you never really see her and what type of horror or threat does she pose on mankind? NADA !!!

Now the Good ol' Jersey Devil is NFG from the git-go and anything that can live in a land of toxic waste gotsta be some bad MOFO !!


Wethyb said...

Gotta go with the Lochness.

Glad you're back :)

Elvis said...

Alas – it’s time to ruin everybody’s Cheerios again. Let’s look at this matchup a little more closely, shall we?
At first glance we have a land vs. sea battle here. Nessie isn’t about to flop onto the Jersey shore and stroll through the Pine Barrens looking for a fight. If she did – she wouldn’t make it past the boardwalk with all the vendors looking to deep fry her and serve her to the beach tourists. And our 13th child is not about to hop a flight to Scotland, rent dive gear and poke about the lochs to get the freak on. Let’s put all that aside and figure this was a staged exhibition on some pier at Atlantic City.
As we delve closer to this week’s round more particular details come into view. What exactly are we dealing with? Nessie is more than likely a singularity that has bypassed certain evolution – a lone plesiosaur that has the uncanny ability to never be in focus. Leeds’ devil is at best some paranormal vengeance from the Underworld, brought on by wailing dark pact with Evil. Yikes. Let’s re-title this match as Natural Oddity vs. Demonic Spawn.
Would a water-based dino be able to wreak and withstand holy war on JD? Or are there forces too dark and sinister for Nessie to handle?
I say – when the Devil is gonna get ya – Old Nick is gonna get ya. Carnivorous water beast or not – Ness is no match for powers beyond…

carlotta fun said...

I hate water but I'm more intrigued by Nessie than scared of it. I don't recall any stories of it eating/killing/maiming anyone. It's just a shy water dragon that surfaces every so often. My vote goes to the NJ Devil.

Jodes said...

ummm, have you all ever met anyone from jersey? or better yet, been related to a jerseyite? let me just say that is where real FEAR stems from. as a girl with jersey roots (my dad grew up in NEWARK for goodness sake) i gotta say ANYTHING from jersey is going to out fight you, out eat you, out talk you, out nag you, out annoy you, downright outlast you! whatever it is, its a sure bet a jersey girl (or guy) will slam it down.

Nick said...

Nessie jumps out of the water, does a double-backward summersault and tail-whips Jersey Devil back to the states. This victory is dependent on the Jersey Devil buying a plane ticket to Scotland just to get the heck beat out of him, though.