Tuesday, October 04, 2005

History Lesson

No.. today's post is not about the horrible horrible sense of voting I think my readers have.... I'm not going to lecture you on how I think the Lock Ness is a big wet PANSY-ASS compared to the Jersey Devil.... (but that's ok... free world.... free reign on voting, too.... I still love you all)

I'm actually more interested in what brings you here. (but enough about me... let's talk about me!!!!)

Seriously, though... I know I've been blogging for over a year now, and during that time, I HAVE asked my readers WHY they blog.... but never really pieced together how all of you got HERE. I know a good chunk of you are here cause you met me somewhere else... like in real life, or at babycenter.

There's another huge chunk that know of me cause I stalked you long enough at your blog to make you venture over to here to wonder who the hell I actually was.

Then there's another percentage that came here because you saw my comments on another person's blog, and well, whaddaya know.....

hmmm... actually... I think that just about covers everyone.... oh well. I THOUGHT I would have an interesting post with fun comments today. Guess I was wrong.

scrambling...... scrambling.... think....of.....another....topic......

Uhhhh....Rhena woke up last night at 2am. Apparently she was pooping and thought everyone needed to be awake, too. I thought we were in for the long haul when she INSISTED on talking to me through the clean-up process. Luckily, though... she was able to settle back down and fall asleep as soon as her ass was pamper-fresh again.

it was odd... as she hasn't woken up like that in the middle of the night since what... MARCH? so I'm hoping it was just a one-time thing. Coupled with the fact that I found PUKE in her crib this morning... I'm wondering what exactly she was up to last night?

Do we have a future rock-star on our hands???? Lord help us. I mean... she DOES like music, and has a more-than-healthy appetite for mirrors..... hmmmm... me wonders.

oh well. I guess I don't have much to say today. well, at least not yet. I'm thinking I'm due for another culture day here soon. weather is starting to get cooler, and there's a fresh batch of exhibits that need to be checked out.

oh, ok.... speaking of cooler.... does anyone out there have any nice traditions they do with their loved ones in the fall? I'm thinking about starting a fall tradition here in cze-johnson land, but being that I don't really have any going on... I want to do something good, you know? I mean... it's got to be reasonable... Troy and I can't very well take Rhena skydiving or anything.....

I remember as a kid going to Orchard Farms in Jersey (not sure the name of the farm , actually) to their Pumpkin Patch and getting a pumpkin to paint for halloween. The also sold apple cider donuts which were pretty damn good by anyone's standards. I think I'd like to find a pumpkin patch here in North Carolina (preferably one WITHIN an hour driving distance) and take booger for her own memories. Anyone have any good pumpkin recipes?

yeah... so that looks like that's all you're gonna get today. besides... my future rock star needs someone to dance with her as the monkey keeps a beat.

have a great day everyone....


john boy said...

I was definitely stalked. lol

Good to see the real Carrie back in business.

I'm going to also use you for another promo here for the Blogger Birthdays Calendar. If your readers would like to be included on the calendar, just send them my way :)

Angela said...

Ahh, babycenter. Weren't those the days? ;-)

I am so glad that I asked to join your thread. I don't know what I would have done without everyone's support.

You are a great friend, and I am so blessed to be part of your life.


dnyduck said...

You need some fall traditions huh? Well, in our neck of the woods we have Apple Hill. Where you ever able to go when you were a West Coaster living near me? It was probably too far away for a trip to a bunch of apple orchards. One of the orchards has a pumpkin patch this time of the year and we go to pick out our pumpkins. But you don't just go in and pick out your pumpkin willy nilly like any other pumpkin patch. You have to first get your "Pumpkin Hunting License" that is good for the capture of 1 pumpkin (there is even a place to put a picture on it if you want). Then you can pick out your pumpkin. The owners have their pumpkins hidden through out the farm in between their Christmas trees that will be hunted come Thanksgiving (yes, they have hunting licenses for those too, but we go else where for our tree). The girls have a blast hunting down their very own pumpkin. It's a little more than if we were to go elsewhere, but the fun the girls have and the memories that are made are worth it. We even take pictures of their "kill". Too fun!

There is an "at home sells" company (like Tupperware, Pamper Chef, Creative Memories, etc.) that was created just for this very reason. It may be a little too sentimental for your taste, but I really enjoy some of their products and their "tradition ideas" that they share. Looking at my book that I got most of the fall ideas are for school aged children, but there are a couple of Halloween realted ones. So here you go:

Spooky Spiders & Creepy Crawlers - Start a new Halloween tradition and bake a scary cake, using a mix or one of your favorite recipes. Frost it w/dark chocolate and sprinkle crumbled chocolate wafers over it - your dirt for a cemetery. Insert shortbread cookie tombstones w/various messages like "BOO" or "RIP" written in frosting. Add plastic or edible spiders and creepy crawlers.

Host a pumpkin-carving contest.

Musical costumes.

Costume memory game.

Okay....so maybe these are too old for Rhena. But there you go.

If you are interested in the details of one of the above, email me. And if you are interested in the company that does the "traditions" thing you can find them at: www.onceuponafamily.com

I got some great ideas for the girls, Devin and the entire family just visiting their site and taking their little "Family Ties Quiz" that gave me my "very own Personalize Family Ties Report". :)

Hope this helps some or you find something else to do instead.

10 days and counting!!!


greekchickie said...

When we were kidlets, we would drive to the Shenandoah mountains & see the changing colors of fall. It was so beautiful. I still have fond memories. I don't know how far the mtns are to you, but perhaps a weekend drive, if it's not too far?

Pumpkin recipes? All I know is pumpkin pie... mmmm...

We also used to roast the seeds after we carved our pumpkin. With some salt sprinkled & into the oven! mmmm


gina said...

there has got to be a pumpkin patch in your neck of the woods.. do you have one of those "things to do with kids" magazines at your grocery store or at your walmart? like where the real estate and auto mags are- the freebies? we have one here in columbia and i bet you have one there too... tells all kinds of stuff to do with kids and it is seasonal...

Jewl said...

Being from NY I did the whole going to the Apple Farm too... You can't beat Apple Donuts, they are to die for! I am going to bring Em to Pumpkin Patch this year, kind of the same thing I guess.
I think I found you through a comment... can't really remember.
At least your kid wakes up when she poops... Em pooped the other night and slept in it. Nice surprise for Mommy in the morning... Nice Red Hiney for Em too...

Kari said...

I love apple picking in the fall! I have some awesome pics of Scott from the apple orchard and pumpkin patch...great photo ops!!

And, as Jewl said, Who can resist the cider donuts?!! Love it!

I can't remember if I found you from a comment on my blog (you found me) or if I got you from Jewl's site (I found you)? Either way...glad we did...

Liza said...

Oh man!! If she's a rock star, that would be cool. She could buy you lots of stuff when she gets rich :D

Susie said...

Found you on BabyCenter and love you forever.

Apple pickin' is popular in these parts. So is going to pumpkin farms and getting hayrides etc. When she's older you can make apple pies and candied or caramel apples together. Now I know where the Mom Ass comes from.

Mmmm caramel apples.

I have a killer pumpkin recipe but I may photocopy the cards and give them to you in Chicago - it's a lot of typing. Jody has a choc. chip pumpkin muffin recipe - we need to get that too.

CheekyMoo said...

Someday I will post a video of Max dancing for you. Think Napoleon at 7. LOL Heeee-larious. I come to your blog because you kick ass like me, and I like people that kick ass.

Fall traditions of course are pumpkins, I always make homemade pumpkin pies. If we had leaves we'd collect them and jump in them a lot and all, but cactus pricks are just prickish.

We go to a pumpkin patch and fall festival up north every year, and do hay rides at a farm near by. Haunted houses and candy corn.

Chief Slacker said...

First off... you need darker text for the posts.. kinda hard to read ;O)

Anyawy, Rhena the Rock Star... definitely has a ring to it! :O) Party on Girly. I think I clicked over to your blog after reading someone elses. yup. Ok, carry on.

carlotta fun said...

I, like John Boy, was stalked, but after reading your blog realized that we'd be friends even outside of blogland. I've been a faithful reader ever since.

Pumpkin carving and costume making were the big things at our house. I would go with my mom and pick out my pumpkin. Then we would both take turns scooping out the pumpkin guts. Then I would draw my pumpkin face on my pumpkin and she would help me carve it.

I can only remember once that I had a store bought costume (I was Q-bert that year) so my mom and I would make my costumes together.

Wow after reading this it totally sounds like I grew up in a single parent home. My dad wasn't really great at the costume or pumpkin thing, but he usually was the one that took me treat-or-treating.

Christi said...

My hubby's family, from the Charlotte area, goes every year to the mountains right up the road to watch the leaves change. It's actually quite cool, and I'm glad when we get to go with them. I've been meaning to find a pumpkin patch around here, too, so thanks for reminding me about it.

I came to your blog through a comment, I think. I thought it was funny and cute, and I liked that you were honest and didn't avoid the nasty truth! Plus, I just moved here from Lancaster, and I thought it was cool that you're in Charlotte.

Oh, and I speak of poop on my blog today, as well. Must just be a poopy week!