Sunday, August 17, 2008

To Have and To Hold

ok.... perhaps not quite the best title... but given a chance to win free stuff???

you know I'm in.

Thanks to Stacey for tipping me off to Cool Mom Picks. They're hosting a little giveaway for any blogger that posts their button on a blog. So yeah. sign me up!

Cool Mom Picks Back to School Guide

really.. go visit.. I won't mind!

speaking of visiting.. my folks are gone, so you SHOULD be seeing me on the regular again. updates to come this week.. including PICTURES!!! I know.. try to contain yourselves.

and hey.. if you haven't left a comment/song for this weeks mix... please do!!! Suser got cranky on me cause some of you were e-mailing me your song suggestions.. so please.. just go and actually leave a comment. it really is more fun when there's more songs, too.

alrighty then. I'm off and running again.. while the caffeine is still working.

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