Friday, August 22, 2008


aaaah, yes. Summer is coming to a close. Labor day is rapidly approaching, and while it will still remain HOT AS BALLS here in the south for another good 3 months or so....

tis time to retire the mix tape.

now now.. fear not. I WILL keep the player up in my sidebar, and I think when all is said and done, I may make one last 'master mix' of all the songs that were suggested these past 2 months. now understand that will give y'all a grand ole hodge-podge of tunes to listen (or SKIP) through... but it will be fun to keep the tunes playing, regardless of not having a new topic each week.

and who knows? I may get my shit together and bring back another round of the mix tape come the fall or winter when I catch my breath and get into a routine again. but for now... I think it's time for me to hang up my links and start focusing on fall. or you know... the season in which we have hot weather in the last half of the year.

but blabbity blah. too much talk, not enough topic!!!

for this last week.. I would like for you all to give me a song (and ONE SONG ONLY!) that given all the money, magic and/or miracles in the world.... what ONE SONG would you want performed for you LIVE by an artist?

That's right. picture it. you. the artist (or band). one song. performed BY THEM, FOR YOU... right in front of you. (mood lighters not included, but yes.. you can invite as many friends as you want to gloat in the glory that this band or artist is performing for YOU AND ONLY YOU.)

being that this is the last week for the mix.. you have until MONDAY NIGHT to make your comment. one extra day to think about it, and maybe even to tell a friend (or your mom and aunt like Angela does!)

so what do you say? what's your show stopper?


edited to add: YES, you CAN bring back the dead for this special fantasy performance. Granted... it would HAVE to at least be someone who has been recorded singing the song... No fair saying you would have Jesus sing "Back in the USSR", for example.

But Elvis, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash and their likes?? all included.


Hänni said...

Welcome To The Black Parade -- My Chemical Romance

Maybe Gerard and I can hook up after the performance? this is the FANTASY mixtape right?

Anonymous said...

Like you need to ask...

Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You

I'd die a THOUSAND deaths happily.

Erin said...

I think my 17 year old self would really dig it if Gavin Rossdale gave me a lap dance while singing Glycerine. I don't really have much to say about any male singers as of late.

Stacey said...

This is a no-brainer for me: you know how whenever U2 performs "Bad", Bono pulls some chick from the crowd and dances with her? Well, here's my fantasy: Me, maybe a few friends at the stadium (they still gotta play a stadium or it would sound weird), Bono singing my favorite song, pulling me up on stage to dance with him, the passion is too much...ooh I can't say anymore!

Christi said...

I would pay dearly to have Justin Timberlake sing "What Goes Around, Comes Around" to me. Yeah, yeah, I'm not usually into that kind of music, but he's AWESOME! The song itself isn't exactly one to get romanced to, but man, I saw his concert on HBO, and I loved every second of it, and that was my favorite part. He is SO HOT!

carrie said...

Just me and Dave Matthews.

And he's singing 'Sister' to me.

Oh yes he is.

Jenni said...

crap...I have 2...can I do 2 since I didn't do any last week??? :-)

If not, I guess I'll pick Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse. I just absolutely love that song.

Jodes said...

too late? brrrrruuuuuuuuuuce singing 'if i should fall behind'

Poppy Buxom said...

Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark"-and I'm the girl who gets pulled onto the stage to dance with him (not Courtney Cox--boo!) and then we get married and live happily ever after.