Saturday, August 23, 2008

SO MUCH going on!

Well, it's Saturday.... and there's lots going on in these parts.

First up... I'm still taking song suggestions for this week's Mix Tape. It's the last week, so it'd be nice to have a good turnout. if you haven't already.. go play!

Second... I'm hosting a CONTEST over at Crumbles..... looking for names for my newest Happy Jane creation. I'll be taking comments all week, then put them to a panel of judges for a vote. Winner gets a free batch of Happy Janes made especially for them... can you say YUMMY? so go check it out, do some thinking, and take a chance!

This afternoon... troy and I will be taking the kids to Carowinds.... we're doing the after-4pm route.. cause 1 - it's cheaper, 2 - the kids have attention spans of GNATS... so no use paying the full amount for a few hours. Plus factor in the BALL ASS HEAT we have here, and it does help to wait til the later parts of the day.

Speaking of Troy.... While his spine/neck still seems to be slipped (read MANGLED).. the pain has been dissipating some. Not that I actually know this for sure.. but he seems to be less and less cranky these days. so hoorah for that!

ALSO.. my husband is slowing joining the world of technology. ODD, as all the man does is web developing and boring stuff like that. He just joined Twitter... so if you're interested in C++ java java DLL to the ICP in sequel formation (or whatEVER in hell that crap means) go check him out. Or if you know someone else who twits about that stuff.... send them troy's way. (ps.. secretly loving what a rookie troy is in a computer-related thing. HAH)


time for me to pack some bags so that I may smuggle some snacks into amusement central. oh.. and did I tell you I got my new glasses??? very funky. They match my roots. which, NO.. is not a good thing. but at least I can laugh. I do like the glasses though.

alrighty... have a great weekend!


carrie said...

We *need* pics of your cute glasses, you know! said...

I've been seriously trying to think of a name for you amazing sweet treats ALL weekend, but I suck at naming goodies, apparently, so it's probably a good thing I don't have to name anything else in my life. Iggy was hard enough. ; )

Tee said...

Those new glasses are totally hip! I bet you look great in them.

I've thought about joining Twitter but it's potential for being addicting has kept me away. I have enough internet issues ;)

Pecos Blue said...

Sounds like fun. I will check out the music.