Monday, August 04, 2008

The So Bad it's Good Mix

Hey gang! thanks to all that participated in this week's mix tape. Y'all brought the best of the worst out there.

That's right.. I asked you to tell me that one song that you JUST CAN'T stand.... but can't stop singing.

so without further ado... I give you:

Cze-Johnson Fever's So Bad it's GOOD Mix:

See You Again - by Miley Cyrus
7 Things - by Miley Cyrus
Ice Ice Baby - by Vanilla Ice
Hot Dog! - by They Might Be Giants
SexyBack - by Justin Timberlake
Baby Got Back - by Sir-Mix-a-Lot
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) - by Phil Collins
Piece of Me - by Britney Spears
This Kiss - by Faith Hill
Stronger - by Kanye West
I'm Too Sexy - by Right Said Fred
Without Me - by Eminem
The Choice is Yours - by Black Sheep
Baby One More Time - by Britney Spears
Macarena - by Los Del Rio
Karma Chameleon - by Culture Club
Feliz Navidad - by Jose Feliciano (sorry, Marianna!!!)

ug.... just typing these out makes me a bit ill. but there you have it. Thanks so much to all that played. We missed some regulars this week... perhaps they didn't want to lose clout in the blogosphere by admitting they like crappy music (cough cough Erin Cooks loves Mariah Carey cough cough) but you know.. whatever.. not gonna judge!!! ;)

Enjoy... or try not to. or you know.... at the very least.. put some headphones on!!!


Christi said...

If I dare listen to any of these songs, they'll ALL be stuck in my head, and that will be even worse!

Marianna said...

HELLO! Where's my Feliz Navidad?!

AAAGH! It's back in my head again!


Carrie said...

sorry, momma!!! I remembered it as I was going to bed but was too tired to go back and edit.

it's on there now, though!!!

Pecos Blue said...

Oh no. Now I have ICe Ice baby going through my head. Nice blog.

Erin said...

Calling me out on your blog and complaining about my cookies in the same day...oh it's on Miss Carrie :P

Jenni said...

ahhhhhh, the Macarena! totally forgot about that most annoying song. Heyyyyy Macarena!!