Thursday, June 26, 2008

Slum Lord

Nothing like starting your day by kicking two expectant parents out of their home.

I am officially the worst landlord around. ok, maybe tied with troy.

So yeah. turns out two birds were building a nest. IN our grill.

I'm all about letting birds be birds and having the kids excited about seeing eggs and nests and all that 'nature' shit....

but I HAVE to believe the guilt I feel now for kicking them out of and burning their home would be FAR less than what guilt I would feel the next time we do up a steak and get a side of fried eggs.

just saying.



Erin said...

I think the birds would be a lot less happy if you fired up that grill without looking and they ended up "Kentucky Fried."


Porq said...

I saw the inside of "THAT" grill. I'm suprised it wasn't "BEN".


Marianna said...

You could have waited til they had their babies & left the nest, ya big meanie slum lord landlady!


Christie said...

Man, how do you sleep at night?