Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Open Letter

To the woman with the two daughters at Harris Teeter today?

THANK YOU. Thank you for teaching your daughters to be KIND to little girls who like to dress themselves because they truly believe they are ballerina princesses. Even when that self-proclaimed famous ballerina princess outfit means a turquoise dress, orange socks, pink glittery shoes and a pointy fair-maiden hat.

Your daughters smiling at Rhena and telling her she's "a beautiful princess indeed" was heartwarming and kind. I hope to teach my children to be as encouraging to others as they get older.


and to the OTHER woman with two daughters at Harris Teeter today?

SHAME ON YOU. watching your girls huddle, whisper,and POINT at a child younger than them sends a message of endorsement. Perhaps if YOU smiled more and taught your children some manners you wouldn't have to tell your girls to stop touching the food on display in the salad bar, and you would have to maybe threaten to 'straighten them out' one or two less times a day.

Now perhaps I'm just as bad judging you anonymously online... so for that I'll stop now... but the pointing?? NOT NICE.

oh and by the way? I hope that the turkey you insisted to the deli clerk be MUCH THINNER gives you GAS, bitch! BIG, stinky GAS!!!!


Marianna said...

LMAO! This cracked me up! I wish you had taken a photo of the ballerina. Too cute!

I'm so sorry about your cousin. (your other post). I hope she heals from that horrible C.


Choppzs said...

Don't you hate it when older kids pick on the younger kids. Just cause they think they can? Me and Sissy just had this conversation on the phone the other day and it's funny how badely you want to beat the crap out of a 10 yr. old!! lol

I think my daughter is like the 1st girls you mentioned, luckily. At the parks she always plays hide and seek with the little kids, and helps tie shoes! lol plus she knows if she were mean, I'd whoop her ass!

Angela said...

This makes me so mad! Poor Rhena, hopefully she remembers the nice girls over the mean. A couple weeks ago K and a friend were at the park and pretending they were "driving to California" - which amounted to using the steering wheels and running across the bridge and saying "we're in California!" and there were bigger kids who kept telling them that they were wrong. I wanted to yell at them and say something about using your imagination but I didn't. Glad to see that some parents teach their kids to be encouraging to younger ones!

(And now, I will apologize for the long rambling comment - especially since I never comment here! But, I do appreciate you reading my blog!!)

Mom2Amara said...

I am seriously just catching up on blogs now. So I'm sorry for the late post.

But this entry just infuriated me. How can moms stand by when they see kids acting like that?!?!