Friday, June 27, 2008


so every day I run across a series of choices to make. inevitably, each choice I make has some impact on the flow and outcome of the rest of my day. I'm sure you're saying "well no SHIT, sherlock.. that's how it is for EVERYONE."

True... that is how it is for everyone. and anyone that has a child knows that the IMPACT of said choices gets exponentially more impactful on a day depending on how many children you have. If you don't believe me.. try choosing to go out to lunch with a friend you haven't seen in a while with a sick child or one that needs a nap. go ahead and make that choice and tell me how things work out.

ANYWAYS... I'm VERY cognizant of my imaginary project timeline and how every milestone is linked to previous actions. take something as small as stopping by a starbucks drive-through for a coffee for myself at 12:20pm. That 5 (if you're lucky) to 10 minutes in the drive through may make or break my entire day. on ONE hand, it will give ME the energy and kill my appetite long enough to drive home, change a diaper, get lunch prepared and served and get everyone down for naps by 1:30 so they get in enough rest (so they're not completely melting down at dinnertime) before they have to wake up by 4pm (no later!) otherwise they'll be up too far past their bedtime (and be completely cranky the next day cause they still get up at 6-6:30am regardless of when they went to bed.)

on the OTHER HAND.. if the drive through DOES take closer to 10 minutes, the kids could fall asleep in the car on the 20 minute ride home and wake up in the driveway THINKING that they've had enough sleep and they refuse to nap which would result in a complete emotional breakdown for everyone under our roof by dinnertime, OR they will be dead to the world upon arrival and then not GET to eat lunch thus waking up from said nap too early from hunger and being completely cranky until bedtime finally arrives..

perhaps my kids and I are just cranky by nature. either way... it's a big balancing act here at the fever, and every decision made is with timelines and personalities in mind. and pooping. we revolve our day around poop a lot, too. but I suppose that could be another post.

Troy, after being at this now for 3 1/2 years, is JUST beginning to understand the BIG PICTURE SCHEDULE. but he's still got a long way to go. I say this because he regularly offers chocolate to rhena AFTER she's brushed her teeth and is already up past her bedtime (= sugar rush = longer to settle for bed = extra time to re-brush the teeth = overtime for momma and did I MENTION I don't get paid overtime???) and many other cases that I'll not get into now.

my point is that every day, choices are made, and consequences are had.

now every once in a while, you get to make those choices that don't necessarily impact the day-to-day flow. Like right now... I'm debating on getting my foot checked, or getting my hair done.

I know... sounds dumb, but I've been mentally listing the pros and cons of each, and I'm kind of at a tie.

if you recall, I dropped that big assed shower door on my foot a few weeks ago. it took well-over a week for the bruise to even APPEAR, but whatever. it finally came and has finally left. The thing is, aside from a slight dent on my foot, it looks and feels better. (DEFINITELY a faster recovery than the big toe debacle, FYI) the problem is... it HURTS like a motherfuckingholyasscrackerBASTARD if you so much as even TOUCH my foot. hmmmm. now, I'm not so sure just HOW LONG the recovery is for a foot that has had a shower door dropped on it, and have been too lazy to google it. (ok, strike that.. I just did. nada, except for this story about another very klutzy person...)

ANYWAYS.. not sure what's normal for the foot. Foot "post-dropping-a-shower-door-on-it", that is. SO. I COULD go to the doctor's. I probably SHOULD go to the doctors'. but the problem is that my foot LOOKS fine. and it IS fine, except, you know... when you TOUCH it. so what will they say? probably tell me to go to the ER and get x-rays. now, up front, that all sounds normal... but you have to remember who I'm married to.

Troy, AKA "I change jobs every 6 months cause I'm a contractor and like finding new places to code my ass off", is, as stated, a contractor, so we're usually in some form of insurance change. in fact, we change insurance policies ON AVERAGE of three times a year. which means that we are ALWAYS starting over when it comes to the deductibles. bottom line.. if I get x-rays, I'm going to have to pay for them. maybe not right away, but I WILL get the bill for $200 dollars or so at THE most inconvenient time.. like right after I've ordered favors for rhena's 4th birthday party. or when her preschool tuition is due. or you know.. mortgage.

and $200 isn't so bad.. it really isn't. but that's a haircut and color for me, people. now.. before y'all judge.. I KNOW I can go out and buy a box of color for MUCH cheaper and do it myself... but I HAVE done that in the past, and believe me.. it does NOT look good on me. my ears always end up a tinted color and I burn my scalp and I miss spots... ugg. just not good. I'd rather grow the roots and pray that my grey (I mean PLATINUM BLONDE) hair stars to come in to make it look like highlights.

so what's my point, what's my point. I suppose nothing, really... just that I'm hemming and hawing on whether to go get my foot professionally looked at or get my hair done.

I know! shallow! dumb! get the foot taken care of, you freakin knucklehead!

but.. the foot. if it IS broken; they can't really do anything for me. At least I don't think they can? and if it ISN'T, then I just wasted the money on getting xrays. and the hair... well... getting my hair done will certainly make me feel better. and not just for the physical appearance upgrade... seriously.. getting out of the house sans kids for a few hours is like ordering a dish of SANITY.

oh, who the hell am I kidding? I know I'm going to get my hair done. seriously-- troy's gone this whole weekend, and after being home all week on lock-down cause we were afraid we might be contagious... momma NEEDS a slice of sanity.

I guess I'm wondering if I bother with the foot. I mean.. I would KNOW if it was broken, right? (hmmm... that's the third time I recall saying that this year for different reasons. I may just be a bit more clumsy than I thought I was.) hmmm. I'll think on it some more.

speaking of thinking.... I was looking at the back of my tongue the other day, and saw these weird spots... But there's this really cool DRESS I was looking at, too.... what's that? oh yeah.. nevermind. I'll be quiet now.



Cathy said...

Goodness - you are so funny!
I do the same thing with making choices and trying to protect naptimes.
And - Your bone is probably bruised?! I dunno - but I'd go for the hair.

Anonymous said...

Um you could have a hairline fracture. Afracture which may only hurt when it's TOUCHED now but progressively start hurting when a shoe is too tight or your point your toe or...uhm hmmm WALK. Get the friggin foot checked.

This is coming from a woman who probably has an ear infection and mayyyyybe getting strep throat but doesn't go to the doctor herself because she doesn't want to drag the kids along or waste the use of the sitter when she needs her for some other last minute thing.

don't worry me! Get it checked.

Ann said...

here is an interesting option but i don't know if it would work... some of my friends at school have talked about getting their hair done at beauty schools, and its either super super cheap or free, (i guess its for class or practice? idk i've never done it... but i've heard good things) anyways... if there is a school like that near by you, maybe you can get your foot checked AND get your pretty self pampered with a nice new do. :)

Ann said...

ok... so naturally since i am talking classes this summer i have hw... but.. i also have very strong procrastination skills. haha. these amazing skills of mine have just been used for your benefit! i did a little research. (and don't feel about about me putting of my hw for you.. i always get my work done on time and it always kicks ass.)

here are some beauty school websites i found in the general charlotte area.

a side note about the above link... my old roommate used to get her hair done by that school in i think a Minnesota division, and loved it.

i also know the haircolor experts (where i get my hair done) hold classes sometimes, but i'm not sure when.. maybe you could inquire about that and if they can do what you want to your hair :) so yay for research! let me know what your finial decision is, foot, hair, or both! best of luck!

Carrie said...

Annie, you crack me up....

do they have any x-ray tech training places???

it's not even about the money on my hair... heck; troy just got a new computer; he's lucky I'm not dropping a few bills at Ann Taylor to go along with my new hair (that I'll eventually get done)

I'm just a cheap-o in general. and if nothing is wrong with my foot, then I would feel a shmuck like I wasted the x-hundred on someone telling me to buck up and deal.

BUT.. don't worry, suser... I WILL go get it checked. I need to make sure I'm going to have my feet together to get through this year's walk.. cause I'm going to make it through BOTH days this time around.

love you girls for checking on me, though.


WILLIAM said...

Never ever want a kid to fall asleep in the car..