Friday, June 06, 2008

I just can't make this stuff up

I hurt my foot again.

I KNOW!!!!

the GOOD news is that the injured foot to which I'm currently referring to is NOT the foot that sustained the broken toe. no... I'm an equal-opportunity klutz, and jacked up my LEFT foot last night.

so it goes like this....

last night the kids and I went out to eat with my folks. being that Danny was a bit skoodgey the whole day... it seemed like a good idea to bring the kids home, toss their asses in the bath and put him down for the night. He's a happy boy in general.. but when the happy boy does not get enough sleep or naps too early or doesn't poop for a day or so (or even worse.. ALL of the above!) well... happy he AIN'T.

so blabbity blah... baths are done. awesome. their daddy is called, messages are left, kids are donned in their pjs, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I bring the kids downstairs so my mom can watch them while I assemble the bathroom back to its original pre-bath condition. To do so requires mopping up the water that had been splashed around, collecting the bath toys, removing the bath mat, then putting the shower doors back on their tracks.

so whatever.. I mop, I collect, then I get one door on. crap. forgot the bath mat. ok. remove the bath mat, time for the final door.

hmmm. hands are wet from the bath mat. I pause for a moment cause (here's the real kicker) I thought that since my hands were wet, by holding the shower doors on the sides like I normally do.. my wet hands would cause the door to slip. SO..... I look at the towel bar; debate its strength, lift it a few inches with a little shake... then figure it'll be ok, and begin to lift it the 2 feet needed to put it back on its track.

it wasn't strong enough.

faaaaaaaaaahck!!!! big plexi-glass-framed with metal door came sliding down on the bridge of my left foot. oh, I saw light; it just was different than that end-of-tunnel one. I also saw a LOT of curse words fly out of my mouth and fill the bathroom like speech bubbles on the old-school batman fights.

please do not think that I have missed the irony that I spent more time FALSELY debating the strength of the attachable towel rack to support the weight of the door than doing the SMART thing which would have been to just DRY my hands first. dumbass.

also not missed is that the jacked-up toe was finally starting to feel better (notice I did not say LOOK better) and I have been able to wear shoes for more than a few hours at a time without being in pain. and now I can't wear shoes again.

another funny point to ponder in my world of humor is that the reason why my hands were wet was from removing the BATHMAT... created, purchased and USED to make bathing the children more SAFE.

oh well. and so it goes. on a good note, the towel bar probably slowed the door enough such that I didn't actually dismember half of my foot. so yay for still having my foot. my bruised, swollen, sliced, and in-pain foot.



Anonymous said...

Oh poor girl! That saaaahuuuucks!Take care of that foot then next week you pop some advil and get a bullet to bite and haul ass up here. We have plenty to elevate your foot on and a LOVAH here to wait on you hand and ... umm.. err.. foot? So rest up mama! MWAH!

Christie said...

Ouch. That does suck. I feel your pain. I've been limping since I did a 6+ mile race with Henry the weekend of Mother's day. Do I go see a doctor. Um, no.

Wethyb said...

That would totally be something I'd do. I most certainly feel your pain.....not literally of course.

Hope it heals up soon and you have no more toe accidents.

Christi said...

Yowzers, Scooby!

So, uhhh, did you break the door, too?

Marianna said...

Oh girl... you are a mess! Do you not LIKE your feet?!

M~ said...

Oh, babe. Foot pain is the WORST. Hang in there. And buy yourself the comfiest of slippers.

Mom2Amara said...

Oh my gawd. How awful! That's not what I ever would have expected you to say!

Hope you put your feet up and rested all weekend long!

Choppzs said...

Ughh, man, that had to hurt!

Why do kids have to make such a mess when bathing? I have the whole cleanup routine here too. I torture myself by still buying more damn bath toys!

Liza said...

oooooo jeez i hope that your foot feels better soon!