Saturday, June 28, 2008

of June and June

so it just occurred to me that June is almost over. seriously. see what happens when you're gone for three weeks? time warp, people.. time warp, I tell ya!

anyways... being that I HAVE been gone for so long, and this last week was spent mostly inside on lock-down trying to keep the kids from going crazy and/or getting any sicker than they might possibly be from this year's round of highly contagious don't-even-look-at-me-for-3-to-10-days-cause-your-ass-is-gonna-catch-this-itis.

the house got messy. that happens when you.. you know.. LIVE in your house.

so with troy gone this weekend playing house with a bunch of coding nerds in Atlanta, I decided to take on another June. that's right... slap my ass and call me June Cleaver.... momma Carrie busted a moved and did some cleaning this weekend.

baseboards! hardwoods! toilets! showers! kids' bathroom! laundry! beds stripped! I even detailed the wood trim on both stair cases. next up is vacuuming and furniture polish.

what?? did I really just say FURNITURE polish???? eeeek; someone stop me before I start setting new standards for myself!

actually, I think it's that post-scrub-love-frenzy I'm in right now. I really did just work up a sweat doing the hardwoods this past hour and a half. now, sitting on the couch and catching my breath while the second half of my coffee cup kicks in, I'm looking in the other room and seriously... my floors look like long rectangles of melted caramel. delicious. you know.. without the sticky.

anyways; I believe there's more laundry to be folded or closets to be organized or sidewalks to be swept or or or.... the list goes on.

peace out and happy weekend, people.



Erin said...

Doesn't it just feel AWESOME after you get all that cleaning done? I usually like to just sit on the couch grinning stupidly and looking at the wonderful cleanliness that surrounds me. With a Dr. Pepper in hand, of course.
Yay for you!

Cathy said...

I love when I do a super clean of the kitchen floor - after the kids go to bed. I just stare at it. And then breakfast comes - and there it goes. *sigh*

Ann said...

June must be the magic month of clorox and swiffers. I have been doing a ton of cleaning too, but that is mostly because i'm moving out of one place (and want my security deposit back) and into a new one which of course i want to look nice for at least the first few weeks im there haha.

Marianna said...

Can I borrow you sometime?

Christi said...

Hey, so when you gonna come and visit me? Hopefully while you're still in cleaning mode.