Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, old habits

hey all.. another new year it would seem, huh.

I'd SAY I will be posting more... but anyone who's been around me enough knows that my posts come and go no matter WHAT my intentions are.

right now, we're just getting back in the swing of things.. as well as taking on some new ones. first new thing on the agenda is boogie-girl is now in a dance class.

this in itself should be a whole post, because I am SOOOO ill-equipped to be a mom of a dancer. in the past week.. I have purchased no less than THREE pairs of shoes (all the wrong ones, btw) and am on a mission to find some obscure store where I will no doubtedly be roped into buying $250 worth of pink things because they are what rhena needs to correctly learn how to 'dance creatively'. I sigh. at least she looks cute in her outfit.

but I now need to muster the moose so we can go stock up on diapers; both for danny and myself. apparently the new year has also brought me a new menstrual cycle. good times!

(oh please.. like you expect anything less than too much information here!)


Kelli said...

Oh Lord. How cute is she??? Must.Enroll.Kendal.In.Dance.

SO adorable!!

Jodes said...

cuteness! can't stand the cuteness! how did she do? i know she LOVED it!

kittenhead66 said...

she has grown up so much!!!!!

Susie said...


Liam said "Rhena looks sooooo pretty, Mama." the wait a beat...

"Where did her hair go?"

Can't wait for more more more pics of the gorgeous ballerina girl.

Christi said...

I love it!

TJ is set to start karate sometime in the next week or so. I just have to make the call. Seeing Rhena in that outfit, though, really makes me want Taryn in dance. Hmmmm.....