Tuesday, January 08, 2008

getting there

DAMN I can just not seem to get myself organized this year.

I fear that with each passing year it's going to take me longer and longer to recover from 4th quarter.. and soon I'm just going to say fuck it all and leave the christmas tree up all year.

like I did in seattle.


of COURSE I would be much more inclined to DO SOMETHING if I wasn't so damn distracted being HUNGRY all the live-long day. yes.. I started up weight watchers again. it's so embarrassing... I lost all that weight.. was down to a happy place in the 120's... then I stopped nursing, kept eating, and wham-bam-thank-you-fat m'aam, I'm back up in the 130's.

the GOOD news is that I've enlisted Troy to join WW, too. hey.. misery loves company, right? but the bastard that he is.. gets like 300 points a day, to my measly 23. oh well... I will survive.

in fact, one week down already. I think I was too busy bitching about how hungry I was to keep track of time, but sure enough.. one week has passed. happily, I did lose 5.2 pounds... but alas.. my period is also gone, so I'm thinking some of that weight was for sure due to Aunt Flo. no matter.. that's an encouraging start.. and compared to Troy's 5.8 pounds lost... I maintain the higher percentage of weight lost for the week, and he... must clean all the bathrooms this weekend.

ain't love grand?

oh well. back to the grind. cause posting to a blog sure isn't helping to get the decorations put away.


Susie said...

I miss my christmas tree - it filled up one corner of my living room nicely and now in it's place are a jumperoo and exersaucer.... not quite as attractive. Oh well... congrats on the weight loss to you and Troy! First week loss is cleaning toilets? Daaahmn can't imagine how to go from there.


Christi said...

Trey and I are dieting together, too. He sucks, b/c he's losing TONS more weight than me! Oh well, as long as I get something to happen, then I suppose I'll be okay...I do feel you on the hungry thing, though!