Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Locked out!

so this morning is interesting... I logged into our online banking this morning, and when I went to our 'bill-pay' feature (I like to see what bills have been sent out, what ones are dues, and which ones are still being processed... gives me an idea of how much money is really in the account, versus the number I see as the balance...)

anyways.. even though I could log into my account, I couldn't access my bill-pay features. damnit.

so then I hopped over to one of the two credit cards we keep.. same thing there... wouldn't let me access the account. hmph.

I suppose that's not exactly blog-worthy.. but hey. I'm trying to get back into blogging again.

in other news.... I've had a run of crazy dreams again lately. very tense ones at that. the other day I was dreaming that the entire family on my mom's side was trapped in the basement of our house (pre-fire days) waiting on a hurricane or tornado to hit. Even some people from my high school were there.. which is strange, cause I only talk to about 3 people from high school still. anyways.. I distinctly remember having rhena sitting next to me, and me stressing the fuck out internally about the impending doom heading our way, but trying to stay lighthearted and calm around rhena so SHE wouldn't worry. bleh. I woke up wondering how mothers (or fathers for that matter) tend to their children during natural disasters. bleh again. I was very tense when I woke up.

another dream was that I was living in the world of Call of Duty 4. and I was truly running around like I do when *I* play the game. which, btw.. is quite the scene to watch, cause I spin around and bump into walls more than I actually shoot people. once again I woke up tense and exhausted.

there have been little flashes of dreams here and there in addition to the big ones, but again.. very tense themes. I think it's because of this damn diet. I'm so freaking hungry all the time so I go to bed tense. maybe? or maybe I'm just tense in general? uh.. probably.

I WILL say for the record, though, that when troy called from his real job (not the part-time job) saying that he would be working late once again.. he came home around 7:30pm. which is actually EARLY in the grand scheme, being that he normally has been coming home around 11pm or midnight.. but since it was just one shift at the real job.. well then I guess it was late.. but I digress... besides.. I'm confusing myself.

ANYWAYS.. we said screw it and ordered pizza. crispy, greasy.. bad-for-my-ass PIZZA. it was delightful.

and you know something??? I had no bad dreams last night. a little heartburn... but no bad dreams.


Susie said...

Yakkity yak - the fever's back! So glad to see you posting more. Seems like Troy comes bearing fast food often - hope he isn't trying to sabotage you for another massage.

I hope the dream is about food and not prepping you for something challenging. I usually shoot civilians in those games.

Have you watched the lie-detector show yet? I'm eager to hear what you guys thought of it.

Marianna said...

I have been having very strange dreams lately, but when I wake up, they are gone. Just that quick...