Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tea for Two, and Three for Me

that, of course, meaning tea for me and the One Within, and Three very good friends for me.

so I didn't touch on it yesterday, but I had a VERY lovely time at the tea thrown for me this weekend. Including myself, there were eight ladies present, and from start to finish, I honestly felt like royalty.

Everything was done "just-so" and my friends missed no details. I believe the whole setting even prevented me from cursing the entire time, too, so you KNOW I was feeling proper!

seriously, though.. it was a wonderful afternoon in which I got to spend with some very lovely women whom I've come to know over the past year and a half that I've lived here. Each one of them being there meant the world to me.

We snacked on SO many finger sandwiches and appetizer-sized quiches and spanicopita (sp?) (sp?) and there were four different kinds of home-mad scones, and greek cookies and petit fours and a healthy amount of chocolate to keep this preggo momma well-rounded. literally.

The best thing about my girls is they had about 7 different bottles of liquors and cordials on the table to mix with our teas and coffees (do these girls know me or what??) and promises were made to do this again when *I* can have my tea spiked, too.

to top it all off, some of the girls even gave me gifts.... different lotions and shampoos and a certificate for a massage and a bracelet and even more lotions. I was beyond touched by their generosity. Here's me with my hostesses... I'd be the big ole pregnant one 2nd from the right.

I can't really explain how truly lucky I feel to have made the friends I have in such a short period of time here in stepford. and to continue that train of thought... in Blog-land. I mean, I suppose you get what you look for in many ways, but I guess I wasn't aware of how I really HAVE been seeking friendship.

anyways... this post is heading hormonal in a big way, so I'll leave it at me being grateful for the friends I have made recently. whether it's e-mails, comments, or a fancy tea... I definitely feel my life is supplemented with good people.


Jewl said...

You look great chicky! The whole thing sounds wonderful...

Anonymous said...

The black was a great choice because I can't even see the baby belly!

Glad you had a great time.

You deserve it!

susie said...

You look lovely! I don't think I even have 8 girlfriends near me so you are VERY lucky indeed. But moreso - so are they.

Christi said...

That looks like so much fun!

I was telling Trey I want to meet you one day, and that you live near Lake Norman. He said white trash whores such as myself aren't welcome there. Sooooo, perhaps one day I'll just have to stalk you and catch you when you're out and about!

holy chaos said...

you look great! how lucky you are to have made friends like that so soon!

my two best friends from college live in Charlotte. we used to road trip there on the weekends.

you, me, and christi live pretty close. would it be fun to get together after we all had our babies?

greekchickie said...

You look GORGEOUS! Pregnancy & all its barfing has still kept you one hot mama!