Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Revolution of Poop

yes.. I DO mean revolution.... as in how my world revolves around poop in one shape or another these days.

If I'm not waiting for rhena to squeeze one out so she's not an ABSOLUTE bear for the day... then I'm saying a rosary or two that my ENTIRE colon doesn't come out with the latest round of popcorn-crap I'm hoping will eventually come out of me... giving me possibly

yes... poop happens. except for when it doesn't, then all hell breaks loose.

but speaking of loose.... and hell... and poop... can I just say how NASTY a teething child's diapers can be?

actually... let's not go there. it's just about dinner time.


Laura said...

You're on short time now, m'dear. And then you'll be dealing with the joys of diapers x 2!!! Woo hoo!!!

And linking of the new bloggage. ;)

greekchickie said...

YAY! For once, I already ate before coming here!!


Christi said...

Only you can talk of poop so openly and yet still keep me eagerly awaiting more...

Jewl said...

It is amazing how once you get pregnant your whole life becomes about poop... before and after kido!