Wednesday, October 11, 2006

annnnnnd EXHALE


I love Troy. repeat.. I love my husband.

but MAN OH MAN that motherfucker stresses me out!!!!!

so in today's episode of "Let's see how we can stress Carrie Out", we find our dashing prince asking permission to purchase tickets to a World Series game... just in case the Detroit Tigers actually make it.

the game would be in Detroit.

2 weeks before my due date.

in Detroit. (did you catch that? we live in North Carolina)

for $885.

for one ticket.

I wasn't sure if it was a trick question, or if he might have been drunk, but sure enough.. he was seriously asking permission to purchase a ticket for that much, spend yet ANOTHER $300-some dollars on plane-fare to GET to said game...... (and let's not talk ab out how much would have been spent on food and souveniers and other shit and did I mention how fucking close to my DUE DATE the game would be????)

I did what any pregnant woman would do, after I regained my ability to speak, that is.

I started crying.

not sure if the crying thing was necessary, but it DID make him feel like an asshole for bringing up the idea of skipping town so close to my due date.... and don't even get me started on the whole money thing. crackhead.

oh well. I still love him. moreso when he's not trying to go to Detroit.... but definitely still love him.


Jewl said...

That is why guys get married... so they have somebody to think for them. Mine can no longer dress himself!

Stealth said...

Crackhead, indeed.
Joe's father was willing to spend over $1000 on White Sox tix last World Series.

Now keep in mind that squeezing a lousy $167 out of him for Joe's dental visit is like asking him to take a bullet...but come on! It's the CWS! In the World Series!

(crickets chirping)

(yeah, there's a new blog...)

greekchickie said...

Um. Sorry. I'm kinda speechless.

Men have 1 brain cell.


Christi said...

I feel kinda lucky right now. Trey knows better than to ask me something that stupid. He likes keeping all of his parts connected and where they belong.

Hänni said...

Troy, troy, troy...

He should know better than to bring on the wrath of a hormonally-charged woman!

Laina said...

I'd be appalled...except my dear husband thought it was okay to go mud running on our fifth anniversary. And he went. And it was ugly. And I wasn't in imminent proximity to producing another human being from my body at the time.