Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Feeling Stepford

I often joke about how it is here in the land of Stepford.... perfectly groomed lawns, families with 2.5 kids.... cookie-cutter lives with identical minivans and SAHMs that do "Southern Living" Parties for extra cash.

I do have to be honest here, though.... I have met some wonderful women here. Three of these wonderful women have taken it upon themselves to throw an afternoon tea in my (and the One Within's) honor.

I'm truly touched.

I don't want nor do I need a baby shower, and these ladies know me, and dare I say love me.. well enough to not bestow the traditional baby-showerama at me. They've simply organized an afternoon to get together with a handful of friends minus babies and husbands. They even included a special note in the invitation requesting that the guests NOT bring gifts for the baby.

These girls get me.... they really do.

Like I said... I'm just honestly very touched. Obviously, for anyone to throw any kind of gathering on my behalf is enough to make this cow be appreciative, but to do so in a manner that defies all standard laws of Stepford, well... that just warms my heart.


Anonymous said...

You deserve a party!

If we lived closer and my house were cleaner...I would have one for you too!

I LOVE the new look!

Man you have to send me that program and then sit on chat with me for a couple of hours to teach me how to use it!!!!

greekchickie said...

Of course you deserve a baby shower!

I love your new blog layout. It's very purrty!


Jewl said...

Me likey the new look!!
Sounds like a nice Tea party!! It makes me wish I had friends! LOL

holy chaos said...

love the new blog!

have a wonderful time!

Laina said...

Love the new look! How sweet of your friends to throw you such a lovely non-shower. :)

Christi said...

I want a tea! I thought about doing something for this baby, since the last two both got two showers each. I REALLY don't want anything for him, though, as I have everything I could ever need already. I never could think of anything, though, and really, doubt it's really my place to do so. Oh well...