Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another Quickie

aside from having the attention span of a gnat lately... I just haven't had the time to really sit still for long periods of time.

even sleeping has been sporadic, as I have to get up to pee every time the One Within decides to play "Jimmy* Crack Corn" on my bladder.

anyways... I couldn't help but notice that "Stay at Home Mom" (or even WORKING Mom, for that matter!!) didn't make it on MSN's 10 Sexy Jobs List.

imagine that!

* No, mom... the child is NOT going to be called Jimmy... though I *am* beginning to consider my MIL's suggestion of Buck. Buck is gender nuetral, right????


Jewl said...

What do mean spit up stain's are not sexy? Geshhh... Okay, so now it's not so much spit up as it is sticky finger stains...

susie said...

Does this mean Dan is really not finding my sweats and old bras SEXY? WTF do I HAVE to DO around here to get some RESPECT? Wash my hair? Shave my legs?

Christi said...

Who the hell came up with that list!?

Wethyb said...

Yah cuz all of us are just dying to be club owners, investigators and strippers! Good grief!

And, I, for one, adore the name Buck...LOL.

Elvis said...

If you're taking name suggestions, I am putting my vote in for Nipsy.

Think about it. It flows.
"Nipsy Johnson...

...gets the ball, whatta move, and scores!

...gracefully works the beam, the judges applaud!

...handled the case despite overwhelming odds and wins a huge settlement against big tobacco!

...won the gubernatorial nomination today by a landslide.

...is your host here on the new Match Game PM '32!"

Nipsy works. You like the Nipsy.

Laina said...

WTF? How is suing people not sexy? It gets a rise out of ME every time! ;)

LMAO at Buck.

holy chaos said...

ooo, i have spit up AND sticky finger stains!!! surely that makes me have the sexiest job! lol = )