Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Clifford, the Big Red (and apparently pissed off) Dog

So I know it's been a while since I last checked in. all is going well, and the school year is in full swing. We had Rhena's birthday party last week, and everyone seemed to have a tropically good time at her luau.

CCD started again for me, and that also is going well. keeping me busy... but going well.

One of the coolest things about me teaching CCD this year, though, is NOT the actual teaching. No.. it's not even the students I have this year. Though I imagine they'll prove to be pretty rockin' 2nd graders... no... the coolest thing about me teaching this year is that I'm teaching in the same classroom that Rhena goes to preschool in. (yes, she attends preschool at our church)

SO every monday night, I get to peer into her world a little. I look at the crafts that are hanging on the boards and walls.... I see posted lesson plans.... and when it's quiet.. like after class is over and the students are gone and I'm cleaning the desks... well, I could swear I hear Rhena laughing from the week before.

but SPEAKING of laughing... I had to share this. Apparently, the kids had been reading about Clifford, and focusing on the color red. so there have been a lot of red projects that come home.. and I ooh and aah appropriately to Rhena as she displays her artwork to me each day.

So ONE project is still hanging up in their class. below you will see a group of clifford-heads... a small sampling of what was done by the students in her class. looks cute when all together... the eyes, the noses... some dogs with their perfect puppy pouts....

annnnnnd.... here's Rhena's.

looks like Clifford had a bad day, you think?


Rachie said...

What...it's abstract art!!

I love it!!

susie said...

I had that same expression on my face after playgroup yesterday.

Go Rhena! Break from that pack mentality!

Marianna said...

Awww... poor Clifford!


Kelli said...

That is too funny! At least she's different! ha!

Jodes said...

she could give dov lessons!

Choppzs said...

Looks like Clifford got F*d up by T-bone! lol

Christi said...

I think that's those little dog jowls or whatever they're called just hanging from the sides. Perhaps she thinks Clifford is a bulldog.

kittenhead66 said...

LOL I love rhena's clifford!! my mom taught my 5th grade ccd class and she made it fun by playing music for us with "christian" undertones...you know, Pray by mc hammer, something about a river by styx...no other class got to rock out like us!!