Friday, October 12, 2007

The irony dumbfounds me

so my last post I bitched about my DVR and the networks and just spoke of TV in general.

WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, that the VERY next morning, Rhena came down with a cold of some sorts, and was running a fever for 2 days straight. all she wanted was to lay in my bed and watch tv. (and when I say TV I mean the huge variety of three shows she deems acceptable to watch.) too bad I didn't have any of her 'shows' saved up in my room.

we muddled through, though.... and all was back to normal in our house by thursday.

oh, that is until the cable company decided to do 'improvements' in our area.

since yesterday morning, we have had no cable or internet connection.

ASK me how PLEASED I was that the ONE NIGHT of tv I look forward to the most was pretty much CANCELLED for me. and not just cancelled... more like a personal BITCH SLAP for complaining earlier in the week, because don't you KNOW my neighbors acrss the street have cable and internet?

well, I know this because 1- I CALLED my neighbor last night, ready to commiserate missing betty, office, and grey's... and she was pissed I was interrupting her shows. oh, and I know the neighbors across the street have internet, because I'm pirating their bandwidth (not bandWITH, daddy!) just to bitch on this post.

It seems silly to be pissed about missing a little tv, but c'mon... I REALLY look forward to those 3 shows each week... ESPECIALLY now since the writers of the office have finally gotten a clue and made the show an hour long!!!

I'm going to call the cable company when we finally get connected again, and ask that I get pro-rated a refund for the days of no service. seems only fair that the bitches buy me a coffee as some consolation. They should buy my neighbors a coffee, too, being that THEIR connection is probably slow as shit with me hacking into their wireless and all.... but I'll be happy with just the one for me and troy.


Marianna said...

I blogged about this very topic this morning. Get on or You can watch all of your fave shows on the network website. I know Grey's & Ugly Betty are on. And so is the Office, I believe. I've missed some of my shows for various reasons & I've watched them on my computer screen instead!


suser said...

That is a neat new feature Marianna is mentioning... I wonder what their benefit is of that? Don't they make money by selling the shows? Oh well. I have yet to try it myself.

Sorry for losing a night. If anything Greys just annoyed me. I understand looking forward to tv and feeling screwed for not getting to watch. It serious entertainment for me in a current life with not much opportunity for such. (Not that there is anything wrong with that...I just get it.)

Christi said...

Our satellite was messing up last week, and it did it during one of my favorite shows that was supposed to be DVR'd. I went into a panic (my stepdad was over fixing it at the time), and was begging him to please hurry up and get it fixed. I might have died w/o my shows! I LOVE The Office!

Hanni said...

I love Ugly Betty. Well except people keep telling me I look like her, which is not really complimentary.