Friday, October 19, 2007

Before I begin

Tomorrow is the walk.

before I go and walk my ass off, I want to take pause and give recognition to the SO MANY PEOPLE who helped me achieve my fundraising goal.

For whatever reasons you had to dig in and shell out... I thank you. you all are a huge reason why I'm doing this walk tomorrow. Cause you believe, too. plain and simple... cause you believe.

You're in good company.


Troy, Rhena, and Danny. Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad Johnson. Derek, Dawn, Dara, Delaney, and Damian. Rachel, Rob, and Lindsay. Jennifer. Denita. Suser, Dan, Liam, and Seamus. Jody, Brad, Dov, and Zoe. Fergie, Jamie, and Jackson. Bridget, Jason, Riley, and Jordan. Laura and David. Gary and Nora. Diana, Garratt, Tucker, and Callie. Marisa. Kelli, Mathew, Kendal, and Ava. Katy, Mike, Dylan, and Cameron. Nancy and Mike. Jenni, Dale, and Garrett. Karen. Bill and Heather. Jina. Tracy. Christina, Scott, Dane and Carissa. Kristina, Mike, Casey and Jacob. Avani, Nimish, and Rushabh. Gina. Maria, Joel, Maddie and Aidan. Marianna. Maria, Ed, Cassie, Anna, and Rachel.

like I said.... Good company. I couldn't do this without you.

thank you all!!!


Rachie said...

Good Luck!! I'll be thinking of you.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

waiting to hear...


I am bringing my big booty to Charlotte very soon girl!

Katy said...

God Bless you this weekend Carrie. Thank you for all you do!

Marianna said...

Best wishes to you!


Life Of Abbreviations... said...

How did the walk go? We're waiting to hear!