Thursday, September 27, 2007

Too much and Too Little

yeah... so I HONESTLY had every intention of writing a nice fatty post about all that's been going on, but as it turns out.. after opening today's mail, I see I need to spend the next lifetime on the phone with the insurance baggers.

apparently, in dropping Troy (who has high blood pressure and high cholesterol) from our health insurance, and just having me and the healthy children on the policy... our monthly premium costs just WENT UP $40???


give me strength. or sleep... cause I'm running low on energy to deal with this shit!


Marianna said...

I found out my cholesterol is kinda high yesterday. Sigh. Not enough for meds yet, but still enough to concern me.


susie said...

Hang in there babe and give those insurancebaggers the shake down.

Christi said...

We don't have any problem getting the's the fun of getting insurance to pay once we've been to the doctor! Good luck, I know you need it!