Saturday, September 01, 2007


soooo.. with my post yesterday about the month closing and me discarding some habits (or at least trying to) it would only be fair for me to mention that September is bringing some newness to the world.

Today marks the anniversary of my dear friend Susie giving birth to her oldest son, Liam. so today.. Liam begins another year of life. I Heart Liam (yes.. with a big assed RED capital H) and on many levels I'm joking about how he and rhena need to get married.... but you KNOW that I'm also kinda serious. I love Liam, I love his momma, I love his daddy (in a 'you're the husband of my dear friend' kind of way), and I love his lil brother Seamus.. even though we haven't officially met yet. Rhena digs him, too, so there really is a chance we can get those two paired up... but even if my daughter turns out completely like me and will abandon all of her mother's wishes just to make a point of doing her own thing... I will still love me some Liam.

so happy birthday, Liam. I'm so proud of you for learning how to master the potty, for being so protective of the people and dogs you love the most, and for being thoughtful and sweet and charming and just knowing the right time to smile, period. keep being a good boy, ok?

and in other news... we're getting the house painted. no.. not the outside... the INSIDE. we're very excited about the new feel our home will have... and I'm just tickled cause it'll make cleaning up after vomiting bunco girls SO MUCH EASIER. but yeah. exciting.

I may even get off my ass (or I suppose this time it would mean SIT on my ass long enough at the computer) to do up a new blog template, too. cause it's fall, and september, and you know... newness. we'll see.

happy September, everyone.. and again.. happy birthday, Liam!

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suser said...

Thanks you love. We love us some Carrie too! You are too sweet.