Monday, September 03, 2007

House of Mirrors

so I'm guessing that in every parent's life, there comes a time when you can no longer avoid the realization that EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERYTHING) you do will be repeated, either verbally or physically, by your offspring. Sometimes this is a good thing... sometimes... well.. let's just say that Troy and I might need to start being careful of what and how we say things.

Little Miss Boogie-Pants is really taking a stronghold of this particular tactic lately. Evidence can be found every hour, on the hour, with a few bonus showings throughout the day.

Case-in-point.... overheard from the playroom:

"Baby! I said no more whining! Do you want to go to your room? ok, then no more whining!"

with her brother:

"I really love you, Moo-Moo, but playing with that is NOT a good idea."

in the food store around some other rowdy children:

"SETTLE DOWN!!! I REALLY can't think with all this noise, Mommy..."

while I'm folding laundry:

"you need to clean up, Momma, cause Daddy doesn't want to see this mess when he comes home."

and fresh off the presses... to ME, after the 3rd time I told her to wipe her hiney and get dressed:

"I'm GOING to wipe and get dressed!!! Now quit asking or you won't go outside today!"

I'm getting a sinking feeling that we might see a note or two coming home from her preschool teacher.


greekchickie said...

LOL she's so cute!


Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Oh I can't wait for these days. The only problem is that mine will be more integrated with the choice 4 letter words. Oh well, what is one to do...