Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh what a night!!!

late december back in 63.....

ok, sorry. got distracted there for a minute.

what I mean to say is... bunco was quite the night. QUITE. THE. NIGHT.

hmmmm.... what do you mean, "quite the night"???

well... let's just say that when all was said and done (or should I say ATE and DRANK)... one of our Bunco Girls found it completely necessary to throw up ALL OVER MY HOUSE.

yes... I said it.






ok... I think you get the point... but let me assure you that whatever you're imagining... it was worse. cause it was IN MY HOUSE. Did I mention that it was on the walls and all over the floors? nothing was spared... closets, doors, floors, walls, bathroom rugs... uggg.

My dear friend twinkie made a comment after all was cleaned up (which.. btw... both my friends Ilana and Maria stayed and helped me clean up all the vomit. anyone knows that a friend will help you when you're puking.. but a TRUE friend will help you clean up someone ELSE'S puke.. just because it's in your house. yes.. TRUE friends indeed)

anyways.. Ilana made the comment that my house was like Showtime at the Apollo... so now the casa de Fever has been dubbed "The Apollo". I like it. pretty fitting. I mean seriously.. there's always SOMETHING going on here... and usually set to music. not quite barnum and bailey, you see... but definitely more than the Cleaver's on a weeknight.

so "the Apollo" it is.

kinda makes you want to run right out and join a bunco group, huh????


greekchickie said...

OMG! Has the stench left your house? Did the vomiter apologize now that she's sober?

Good God. That's a helluva party, woman.


suser said...

Eerily similar to a birthday party I attended as a child - except the birthday girl had too much cake and fruit punch. Equally disgusting. Glad the twinkies helped you out. I love you but you know for me - I get a pass on the puke - all friends get one thing they pass on, right? Ok so for me it's the vomitorium. But I'd totally call and harrass the shit out of her if you wanted! That I can do.

Christi said...

Makes me want to join YOUR bunco group!

Katy said...

I'm guessing there was a wee bit of alcohol involved?! Damn. Wish I could party with you girlie!

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Wow! Have you heard from said person to even apologize yet? I would have been livid, but like you said, atleast you have true friends who helped you clean!
I'd say someone needs to have a Bunco night at barfy's! LOL.
Glad to see that you are posting again, I miss reading your antics!
And thanks for stopping by the baby journal!

Kelli said...

Oh goodness...that sucks.

But what I want to know was the birthday cake martinis?? Until you saw them the second time around, that is.

Wethyb said...

Ewwww!!! I think I'd have killed her....AFTER she woke up from being passed out :)

Glad you had nice friends to help clean up!