Monday, March 19, 2007

dang meringue

so tomorrow... I'm hosting bunco. you know... stepford's version of a girls' night IN. sure.. there's a dice game somewhere in the evening... but I'm all about the hosting. something about throwing a party just makes me happy.

food, drinks... and gossip. lots of drunk housewives running their traps and eating too much. good times!!!

of our group of 16 ladies... three that I know of are celebrating their birthdays this month, so I declared this month's theme of bunco to be Birthday. *IF* I have the time tomorrow, I plan on making a soundtrack for the evening, and presenting the birthday girls with a copy as a gift. that, and birthday cake martinis. I think I've got the mark on the chocolate cake ones (though my mom didn't care for it... but I thought it was good)... I still need to play with the vanilla ones. (I'll take pictures)

food to be served includes balsamic chicken drumettes, grilled japanese eggplant salad, sweet potato fries with an herb salt and garlic mayo dip (all from the same Everyday Italian episode) , and a veggie platter with another herb dip. Sweets include berries on a cloud and assorted chocolates for the game tables.

so yeah... doing my prep work now. marinating, making the meringue discs, and mixing my dips so the herbs can 'set'. and trying to avoid mowing down previously mentioned assorted chocolates for the tables.

ok... I'm officially hungry now. pardon me while I go chew on my hands.


Kelli said...

You should become a party planner. Everything you do sounds so impressive! Will you send me some of that food? =)

greekchickie said...

Dang, girlfriend. Your meal sounds delish!


Jodes said...

carrie, my love! soooo glad to seeing you back and posting. thank you for the lovely post about us-you made me cry and you know i don't do that all that easily! sounds like things are good in stepford-you'll be my inspiration to get thru the next several months! love you chicka!

susie said...

Do how did the dang merigue turn out anyway?

Miss you, LOVAH!