Monday, March 12, 2007

I'll Stop the World

Gotta stop my stopping in blogging to say that one of my dear friends finally had her baby.

Granted, the baby came BEFORE her due date, but still...

a sincere and hearty congratulations to my friend Jodes on the birth of her daughter, Zoe.

Jody and her husband are the kind of couple that makes you so happy that they are able to and DO procreate. they're good people, and not only does the world shine a little brighter when they're around... but the future looks a little better, too. Sure, I give her a bunch of shit cause she's got that whole "I'm from Brooklyn and can make my own food cause I'm all organic and shit" vibe to her... but I'm from Jersey and my body runs on processed food, so it's just my insecurities of how she can look so good without ever using aqua net in her life...

but SERIOUSLY.... I love her. she's good stock, and I'm oh so very happy that Zoe is here. Next up is Susie... but I'll talk about that later.

so anyways.... how the hell are you, blog-world??? is anyone still even out there?

as for me.. things have been quite busy. for a while, it was a bad kind of busy... filled with sickness and too many trips to the doctors' and hospitals... but now it's the good kind of busy again.

spring has sprung here in stepford, and as the flowers are blooming, so are my kids. Danny is HUGE. seriously. frigging aych-you-gee-eee HUGE. Rhena is... well, she is amazing. her brain goes on and on like her legs, and every day she makes me laugh myself silly and hold on for dear life as she pushes me to the brink of mental breakdowns. she is two. oh BOY is she two. but that's a good thing, Martha.

I feel like I have so much to say.... especially along the lines of where the hell and why have I been gone so long. in part, I think I had to dig in deep and find my way out of my post-partum funk. having the second child really put the screws to my daily routine and what I formally understood to be my life. I feel that now, just past danny being here for 3 months... that I'm starting.. just now STARTING to get a handle on things.

you see, when it comes to cleaning.....I have a bad habit of scooping things up, and shoving them in a box or bag, then 'hiding' said box from the public... usually into a closet somewhere. so while it looks like my house is in order... my closets will go toe-to-toe for any haunted house out there.

so I guess without being TOO-too wordy... (I know.. too late) you can say I was kinda cleaning out the closets the past few months. My girlfriend Jennifer calls it 'secret cleaning'. you know.. when you're cleaning up stuff that nobody really ever sees... like your underwear drawers, or your tupperware cubbord... or my brain.

so anyways... I guess I'm back. although... my folks are currently visiting, so I'm really not online that much. so I'll be scarce for another week or so.

but yeah.. I think I'm back. I mean.. is IS the season of Idol right now... and Paula is too annoying for me NOT to be blogging.

SO!! until next time, which will be much sooner than the last time.... peace out!


Taylor said...

I was kinda wondering if you were ever coming back! You took a long enough break, that's for sure.

I wanna see the baby!

FINY said...

Yay!!! You're back!!! It's SO good to hear from you. Also ... I clean the same way you do ... and that's when I live by myself and could technically have all the time in the world if I wanted to to be organized and neat-freaky. I can only imagine how bad it's going to get when I have kids!!!

Hänni said...

Glad you're back. PS you're not the only one who needs some secret cleaning in their noggin.


Rachie said...

Well praise the Lord--you have returned!!!! Hope all is well--All is good here. I missed you!!

Katy said...

So great to have your commentary back! You can always make me smile.

Christi said...


If it makes you feel any better, Cole's just over four months old now, and I'm just now starting to get some sense of order...but not really yet.

You're watching Idol? Oh, thank heavens. No one I know is, and I have so much to talk about, like how I'm completely in love with Blake!

Wethyb said...

Hey there! Glad you're back!

I'll be feeling your "2-kid" pain come November....not looking forward to it either. I mean I'm looking foward to the baby but not to dealing w/ 2 kids. Holy shit!

Anyway, still glad you're

suser said...

ugh I just checked in here for pics on the photoblog and here you are posting. So glad you are feeling the blog thing again. Ive missed your commentary. And your fever.

Love you lots,

greekchickie said...

Hi girlfriend! I sure have missed your Fever! I am watching AI this season! OMG does Paula NOT know how to clap?!

I can't imagine what you're going thru, but I will say this much. Sometimes even us single gals clean that way... LOL. I hope you & your sweet family are doing ok.


Jewl said...

Missed ya chick... glad you are feeling better and getting the hang of being a mommy of two!


Angela said...

I am such a bad friend! I didn't realize you were back!!

So glad your 'cleaning' is done!

Love ya!